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Food for Thought: How to Feed Your Brain

Eat your way to a smarter, happier, and more productive you. Learn more with Blinkist's nutrition books.
by The Blinkist Team | Dec 3 2021

Did you know you can eat your way to being smarter, happier, and more productive?

Food has taken on more meaning in our lives than ever before. Between the ultra-clean-eating Instagram influencer meals clogging our feeds, and constant ads for snacks and less-than-healthy fast food deals — we simply can’t get away.

Food can seem a tool for virtue signaling or a quick-hit means to simply keep ourselves going in an affordable way.

But what if what we could be striving for is something with longer-term benefit — a diet that can set us up for success by supporting our brains, productivity and mood?

Reading about your body – in this case, your gut – and applying the knowledge into your life is a useful place to start.

That’s where the Blinkist app comes into play – the app that gives you powerful ideas from nonfiction books, such as books on science, nutrition, and wellbeing, in as little as 15 minutes.

Instead of trying to figure out which nutrition book is best — wasting time, money and energy — you can simply use one app to quickly get the key insights on many different techniques all in one place.

And rather than trying to decipher difficult scientific language, Blinkist books are designed to be easily understandable.

Take a look at some of the insights you can gain from Blinkist books – and what books to look at next.

“Blinkist allows me to fill in the gaps during a hectic week and still absorb content that has allowed me to grow as a person, and therefore teach others how to grow.”
– 5-Star Review

Your Brain on Food

The fact is, food has a big impact on your brain and exhaustion is a direct side effect of what you’re putting or not putting in your body. The brain takes up only 2% of your body mass, but uses over 20% of your energy—so what you’re eating is without a doubt having an effect on how it performs.

Food Facts

Sugar can impair your cognitive skills and self-control, cholesterol can create a stronger lipid layer that protects your brain, and ketones can help balance your mood.

The right diet can directly impact your productivity and happiness — not to mention help your brain stay healthy for the rest of your life.

Ready to eat smarter? Discover how to unleash the genius power of foods in the Blinks.

A study by the authors of Genius Foods linked eating for your gut to an amazing 80% decrease in the likelihood of experiencing hypertension, diabetes, dementia and depression!

The World Within Your Body

There’s a mini-world within your body, and it’s in your gut! If you were to take a look at your gut under a microscope, you’d find a microbiome there that is filled with beneficial bacteria.

In fact, there are around 30 trillion of these single-celled organisms whose job it is to help create energy and synthesize vitamins.

Did you know?

The gut and the brain are closely connected which helps your brain fight aging and inflammation— meaning it can help you be more focused and have a better memory!

So what can you eat to have better gut health? Start getting more fiber in your diet: unripe bananas, avocados, leeks, berries, and coffee.

In fact, a study by the authors of Genius Foods linked eating for your gut to an amazing 80% decrease in the likelihood of experiencing hypertension, diabetes, dementia and depression!

Powerful Ideas in 15 Minutes

Understanding what’s best for our bodies can be tricky and time-consuming – but luckily, this is made much easier with Blinkist. Dive into the key learnings of the best nonfiction books in just 15 minutes with the Blinkist app and web platform.

Using neuroscientific principles, our content experts take the most important ideas of these books to create memorable, easy-to-understand insights which can be read or listened to.

“With Blinkist I can now search for new subjects that give my brain more openings to the different world opinions and to different theories.”
– 5-Star Review

With Blinkist, you can quickly explore new theories and topics without spending hours reading the full book. Exploring various perspectives can help you decide where you stand – and understand where others are coming from when they have different ideas.

Blinkist’s library has 27 categories and over 5000 books – so whether it’s sleep you want to learn more about or you’re interested in psychology, leadership, business, history, or science – we’ve got something for you.

Blinkist Helps Readers Grow

This innovative concept is helping millions of people improve their lives: 87.5% of surveyed Blinkist users reported making positive changes to their lives based on the content they read on the app.

Actionable advice, specific examples, or practical tips, included in all of the content, supports you in understanding new ideas and implementing them into your daily life.

Best of all, when and where you learn is flexible: listen to the Blinkist app while on the train or cooking dinner, read on the computer in between Zoom calls, or start or end your day by reading a book on a new topic.

Get the Blinkist app or sign up online now and see what other insights on nutrition you can find. Then, look around and explore something new!

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