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You’re Not Reading and We Know It. This App Is Getting Millions to Read and Remember.

Is the TBR-pile on your nightstand bigger than it should be? Are you always starting books but find yourself not finishing them? There is a solution.
by Heiko Mandler | Jun 15 2023

Are you one of the many Americans who struggle to find the time to read? If so, you’re not alone. According to a recent statistic, the average American only reads four books a year and finishes just 36% of all non-fiction books they start. That means that most people are missing out on valuable knowledge and insights that could improve their lives.

But what if there was a solution that could help you read more efficiently, retain more information, and get through more books in less time? That’s where Blinkist comes in.

Learn From One of the Best Apps in the World

Blinkist is an app that condenses non-fiction books into bite-sized summaries, or “blinks,” that can be read or listened to in just 15 minutes. With over 5,500 titles available, Blinkist offers a vast library of books covering a broad range of topics, from business and economics to self-improvement and personal development. And the best part? It has been named one of the best apps in the world by Apple, with 26 million people using it, and is considered one of the top 20 apps for lifelong learners.

Blinkist users read 7-8x as many books as everyone else.

Millions are Learning By Listening

With Blinkist, you can quickly and easily get the key insights and takeaways from some of the world’s most influential books. You can explore new ideas, discover new perspectives, and deepen your knowledge on a wide range of topics. And with the convenience of being able to access the content on the go, listen to audio versions of the blinks, and even download them for offline reading, you can fit reading into your busy lifestyle.

Discover New Titles With Expert Curation

Plus, Blinkist’s personalized recommendations based on your interests and reading history mean that you’ll always have something new and exciting to read, making the app perfect for anyone who wants to continue learning and growing throughout their lives.

Elevate your daily learning experience with Blinkist’s high-quality, expertly curated Guides and collections that will help you broaden your horizons.

So if you’re tired of feeling like you don’t have enough time to read, or if you’re struggling to finish the books you start, Blinkist is the perfect solution for you. With its high-quality, easy-to-digest summaries, a vast library of titles, and personalized recommendations, Blinkist makes reading more manageable and enjoyable than ever before.

Try it out today and see how it can transform the way you read and learn.

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