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Emily Brontë Quotes: Top 10 Quotes from the Literary Genius

Discover the enchanting world of Emily Brontë through her captivating quotes. Immerse yourself in the timeless wisdom of "Wuthering Heights" and "Jane Eyre" with these Victorian literature quotes.
by The Blinkist Team | Feb 5 2024

Emily Brontë, the enigmatic author of the classic novel “Wuthering Heights,” is a literary figure whose work resonates with readers today. Known for her haunting and passionate storytelling, Bronte delves into themes of love, revenge, and the destructive power of obsession. Her unique writing style and complex characters have made her a beloved and enduring figure in literature. Exploring the life and works of Emily Brontë offers a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a talented and visionary writer whose impact on the literary world cannot be overstated.

Emily Brontë was not only a talented writer but also a profound thinker. Her words can captivate, inspire, and provoke deep emotions. In this article, we have curated a list of the top 10 Emily Bronte quotes that showcase her brilliance and offer a glimpse into her unique perspective on love, nature, and the human condition. Whether you’re a fan of her work or simply appreciate thought-provoking quotes, these words from Emily Brontë will leave a lasting impression.

10 Inspiring Emily Brontë Quotes to Ignite Your Imagination

I’m wearying to escape into that glorious world, and to be always there; not seeing it dimly through tears, and yearning for it through the walls of an aching heart; but really with it, and in it.

Emily Brontë

This line emphasizes the longing to escape into a beautiful and enchanting world. It speaks to the weariness of living in a reality filled with tears, aching hearts, and the desire to immerse oneself fully in a more glorious existence. The quote highlights the yearning for a life that is not just a distant dream, but a tangible reality where one can truly be present and connected. It serves as a reminder of the power of imagination and the importance of finding solace and joy in the realms beyond our own.

Love is like the wild rose-briar; Friendship like the holly-tree. The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms, but which will bloom most constantly?

Emily Brontë

This quote emphasizes the contrasting nature of love and friendship. It compares love to a wild rose-briar, suggesting that it is passionate, unpredictable, and perhaps fleeting. On the other hand, friendship is likened to a holly tree, symbolizing stability, endurance, and loyalty. The quote poses a question, asking which will bloom most consistently between the two. It invites us to reflect on the different qualities and dynamics of love and friendship and consider which holds greater value in our lives.

If you ever looked at me once with what I know is in you, I’d be your slave.

Emily Brontë

Emily Bronte captures the intensity of love and desire in this quote. It conveys the idea that if the person she addresses were to truly see and acknowledge her, she would be completely devoted to them. The quote speaks to the power of connection and the longing for recognition and reciprocation. It suggests that the speaker is willing to surrender themselves entirely to the object of their affection, highlighting the depth of their emotions.

A person who has not done one half his day’s work by ten o clock, runs a chance of leaving the other half undone.

Emily Brontë

This quote reminds us of the importance of starting our day with focus and productivity. It suggests that if we do not accomplish a significant portion of our daily tasks by ten o’clock in the morning, there is a risk of leaving the remaining work unfinished. This quote reminds us to prioritize our time and energy, ensuring that we make the most of each day and avoid procrastination. By starting our day with intention and diligence, we increase our chances of completing our responsibilities and achieving our goals.

If I had caused the cloud, it was my duty to make an effort to dispel it.

Emily Brontë

This quote highlights the responsibility and accountability that comes with our actions. It suggests that if we are the cause of a problem or conflict, we have to take the necessary steps to resolve it. This quote encourages us to take ownership of our actions and to actively work towards finding solutions and dispelling any negativity or conflict that we may have caused. It reminds us that we have the power to make a positive impact and that it is our responsibility to do so.

They forgot everything the minute they were together again.

Emily Brontë

Once again, Emily Bronte captures the intense and all-consuming nature of love and connection with this quote. It speaks to the power of reunion and the ability of two people to completely forget about the world around them when they are together. It highlights the deep bond and overwhelming emotions that can arise in relationships, where time seems to stand still and nothing else matters. This quote reminds us of the profound impact that love can have on our lives, allowing us to momentarily escape from reality and immerse ourselves in the presence of another person.

I’ve dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after.

Emily Brontë

This quote, from Emily Bronte’s novel “Wuthering Heights,” captures the enduring power of dreams and their impact on our lives. It suggests that certain dreams have a profound and lasting effect on us, shaping our thoughts, actions, and even our identities. Bronte’s words remind us of the importance of holding onto our dreams and allowing them to guide us on our journey through life. They serve as a reminder that dreams have the potential to inspire, motivate, and shape our destinies.

Treachery and violence are spears pointed at both ends; they wound those who resort to them worse than their enemies.

Emily Brontë

This line emphasizes the destructive nature of treachery and violence. It serves as a reminder that engaging in such actions harms others and has negative consequences for those who resort to them. Like spears pointed at both ends, treachery and violence wound the intended targets and those who perpetrate them. This quote highlights the futility and self-destructive nature of resorting to such means, urging us to seek peaceful and constructive solutions instead.

A sensible man ought to find sufficient company in himself.

Emily Brontë

This quote emphasizes the value of self-reliance and the ability to find contentment and companionship within oneself. It suggests that a person who is sensible and self-aware can find fulfillment and solace in their own thoughts and company. This quote encourages us to cultivate a strong sense of self and to be comfortable with our own thoughts and presence, recognizing that true companionship and fulfillment can come from within.

She burned too bright for this world.

Emily Brontë

Bronte offers a poignant reflection on the intensity of a person’s spirit and its compatibility with the world. This quote suggests that some individuals possess a fiery and vibrant nature that may not easily fit into societal norms or expectations. It implies that such individuals may be too passionate, too unconventional, or too extraordinary for the constraints of the world they inhabit. This quote serves as a reminder of the unique and exceptional qualities that some individuals possess, and the challenges they may face in finding their place in the world.

In conclusion, Emily Bronte’s words continue to resonate with readers and lovers of literature even after centuries. Her profound insight into the complexities of love, the beauty of nature, and the depths of human emotions is truly remarkable. These top 10 quotes from Emily Bronte serve as a reminder of her literary genius and the timeless relevance of her work. Whether you’re seeking solace, inspiration, or a deeper understanding of the human experience, these quotes are sure to leave a lasting impression on your heart and mind.


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