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Does Elliot Page Have a Partner? A Glimpse into Elliot’s Private Life

Get the inside scoop on Elliot Page's partner, his relationships, and his career achievements.
by Robyn Kerkhof | Nov 8 2023
Credits: PeopleMagazine

Elliot Page (36 years old), an Oscar-nominated Canadian actor, is widely acclaimed for his performances in “Inception,” “Juno,” and most recently, the hit Netflix series “The Umbrella Academy.” His professional career is characterized by an array of distinctive roles that have captivated diverse audiences worldwide.

However, beyond the cinematic spotlight, the details of his personal life, particularly concerning Elliot Page’s partner, have sparked considerable interest.

Elliot Page’s Relationship Status

At present, according to recent reports, Elliot Page does not have a partner. In December 2020, he courageously came out as transgender, sharing his new name, Elliot, and identifying pronouns, he/they, with the world. Since then, Elliot has been relatively private with details regarding his personal life and relationships, safeguarding his privacy. 

Coming out marked a monumental step in Page’s life. The announcement was met with worldwide support from fans and celebrities alike, further establishing him as an influential figure in the LGBTQ+ community.

Today, while Page doesn’t have a partner, he continues to inspire countless individuals around the globe through his advocacy work.

Emma Portner: Elliot Page’s Ex-Wife

Elliot Page was previously married to Emma Portner, an accomplished dancer and choreographer renowned in her field. They wed in early 2018, a charming wedding that reflected their love and commitment to each other.

The couple often took to social media, posting affectionate images of their time together, portraying what many perceived as a successful marriage. However, in early 2021, Elliot and Emma announced their decision to part ways and divorce, implying that their time together was a profoundly transformative period for both of them.

They maintain that although their marital relationship has ended, their mutual respect remains, and they continue to be close friends.

Kate Mara and Elliot Page’s Friendship

Kate Mara and Elliot Page’s budding friendship was first noticed on the sets of the 2015 film “My Days of Mercy”, where they played lead roles. Their compelling on-screen chemistry translated into an off-screen camaraderie that garnered attention. Despite speculation suggesting otherwise, there is no concrete evidence indicating the current status of their friendship.

Whether they remain close friends or have distanced due to personal or professional reasons is unconfirmed for now. Nonetheless, it is clear that their time working together was significant, and they have shared fond memories from their days on set.

Elliot Page’s $8 Million Net Worth

Elliot Page is a millionaire. His long and successful acting career began with his impressively genuine performance in the 2007 hit film “Juno.” This breakout role paved the way for subsequent opportunities in many high-grossing films and TV series, contributing significantly to his current net worth.

Various reports estimate his net worth to be around $8 million. This amassed wealth is a testament to his longevity in the film industry, his unrivaled acting prowess, and the prominent roles he’s taken over the years.

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