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The Timeless Wisdom of Ella Fitzgerald: Top 10 Quotes to Inspire and Empower

Discover the timeless wisdom of Ella Fitzgerald through her inspiring jazz quotes. Immerse yourself in the words of this iconic singer and explore her quotes along with other famous female musicians and music quotes by iconic singers.
by The Blinkist Team | Jan 10 2024
Source: Spotify

Ella Fitzgerald, the legendary jazz singer and one of the most influential voices in American music history, continues to captivate audiences with her timeless talent and remarkable vocal range. With her smooth and velvety voice, Fitzgerald brought to life some of the most beloved jazz standards of all time. Her incredible career spanned over six decades, earning her numerous accolades and cementing her as the “First Lady of Song.” Today, her music remains a testament to her unparalleled artistry and serves as a reminder of the enduring power of jazz.

Ella Fitzgerald was not only a legendary jazz vocalist but also a wise and empowering figure. Her words have the power to inspire, uplift, and motivate us to reach for our dreams. In this article, we have gathered the top 10 quotes from Ella Fitzgerald that will ignite your passion, boost your confidence, and remind you of the timeless wisdom she shared with the world. Get ready to be inspired as we delve into the profound words of this iconic artist and discover the keys to empowerment and success.

10 Inspiring Ella Fitzgerald Quotes to Brighten Your Day

When I’m on stage I feel at home

Ella Fitzgerald

This line highlights the sense of belonging and comfort that being on stage brings. It suggests that for the speaker, the stage is a place where they feel most themselves, where they can fully express their talents and connect with their audience. It implies that performing is not just a job or a hobby, but a fundamental part of their identity and a source of immense joy and fulfillment.

You take romance – I’ll take Jell-O.

Ella Fitzgerald

This quote highlights the speaker’s lighthearted and perhaps unconventional perspective on romance. It suggests that while others may prioritize traditional notions of romance, the speaker finds joy and satisfaction in simpler pleasures, symbolized by Jell-O. This quote playfully challenges societal norms and encourages embracing individual preferences and unique expressions of love and happiness. It reminds us that romance can be found in unexpected places and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to love.

Listen to her voice, don’t look at her.

Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald offers a powerful reminder to focus on the essence of a person rather than their outward appearance. This quote emphasizes the importance of truly listening and understanding someone, rather than making judgments based solely on their physical attributes. It encourages us to appreciate the depth and richness of a person’s character, talents, and experiences, rather than being distracted or influenced by superficial factors. By urging us to listen to her voice and not look at her, Fitzgerald highlights the significance of genuine connection and understanding in our interactions with others.

I know I’m no glamour girl, and it’s not easy for me to get up in front of a crowd of people. It used to bother me a lot, but now I’ve got it figured out that God gave me this talent to use, so I just stand there and sing.

Ella Fitzgerald

This quote highlights the personal journey and growth of the speaker in embracing their unique talents and overcoming self-doubt. It acknowledges that the speaker may not fit society’s conventional standards of beauty or possess the confidence to perform in front of others. However, the quote reveals a shift in perspective as the speaker recognizes their talent as a gift from a higher power. This newfound understanding allows them to let go of their insecurities and confidently share their gift with the world. The quote serves as a reminder to embrace our individual talents and trust in the purpose they serve in our lives.

I don’t want to say the wrong thing, which I always do. I think I do better when I sing.

Ella Fitzgerald

Once again, Ella Fitzgerald shares her vulnerability and self-awareness through this quote. She acknowledges her struggle with verbal communication, recognizing that she often says the wrong thing. However, she finds solace and strength in her ability to express herself through singing. This quote highlights the power of music as a form of self-expression and communication for Fitzgerald. It serves as a reminder that we all have different ways of expressing ourselves, and it is important to find what works best for us.

The fabulous places I’ve been, wonderful things that’ve happened, great people I’ve met ought to make a story.

Ella Fitzgerald

This quote, from Ella Fitzgerald, reflects on the incredible experiences and encounters she has had throughout her life. It highlights the richness of her journey and the remarkable moments she has been a part of. Fitzgerald suggests that her life is like a captivating story, filled with fabulous places, wonderful events, and great individuals. This quote serves as a reminder to embrace the adventures and encounters that come our way, recognizing that they contribute to the narrative of our own lives.

I’m very shy, and I shy away from people. But the moment I hit the stage, it’s a different feeling I get nerve from somewhere; maybe it’s because it’s something I love to do.

Ella Fitzgerald

This line highlights the contrast between one’s shyness in everyday life and the transformation that occurs when performing on stage. It emphasizes the importance of pursuing one’s passion, even if it may seem daunting or uncomfortable at times. Despite being shy and reserved, the individual finds solace and confidence in their love for performing. It serves as a reminder that embracing what we love can empower us to overcome our fears and tap into a different side of ourselves.

I stole everything I ever heard, but mostly I stole from the horns.

Ella Fitzgerald

This quote emphasizes the influence of various sources and inspirations on the creative process. It suggests that the artist, in this case, a musician, draws inspiration and ideas from a wide range of experiences and influences. By acknowledging that they have “stolen” from others, the quote highlights the importance of learning from and building upon the work of those who came before. It implies that true creativity involves a combination of borrowing and transforming ideas, ultimately leading to the development of a unique artistic voice.

Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do.

Ella Fitzgerald

This quote emphasizes the importance of perseverance and determination in pursuing our true passions and desires. It encourages us to never give up on the things that truly matter to us, even in the face of challenges or setbacks. By reminding us to stay committed to our dreams, this quote inspires us to keep pushing forward and to never settle for anything less than what we truly want to achieve.

What everyone wants more than anything else is to be loved.

Ella Fitzgerald

This quote highlights the universal desire for love that resides within every individual. It suggests that above all else, the longing to be loved is a fundamental human need and aspiration. This quote speaks to the inherent vulnerability and yearning for connection that exists within us all, emphasizing the importance of love in our lives. It reminds us that love is a powerful force that has the ability to bring joy, fulfillment, and a sense of belonging to our existence.

In conclusion, Ella Fitzgerald’s timeless wisdom continues to resonate with us today, reminding us of the power of perseverance, self-belief, and embracing our unique talents. Her words serve as a guiding light, urging us to never give up on our dreams and to always strive for greatness. As we reflect on these top 10 quotes, let us be inspired to embrace our inner strength, overcome obstacles, and create a life filled with passion and purpose. Let Ella’s empowering words be the soundtrack to our journey towards success, reminding us that anything is possible when we dare to dream and believe in ourselves. Discover the power of music in this incredible book Musicophilia.


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