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Drive Through The Works of Daniel H. Pink

Daniel Pink just released a hotly anticipated book on timing. Let’s take a look at what it’s all about… and check out his other bestselling titles, too!
by Fionnuala Kavanagh | Feb 15 2018
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Author, career analyst, and former speechwriter for Al Gore, Daniel Pink, is one of today’s most influential writers on workplace behavior. Pink’s bestselling books tackle a range of topics including emotional intelligence, sales, and motivation. When is his newest release, which teaches readers the importance of timing for optimal decision-making. This title has been flying out of bookstores, so let’s take this opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.

1. Timing is everything

When reveals the best times of day for making good decisions. As well as brushing our teeth and going to bed at a certain hour, our emotional levels also fit into a set daily routine. Some of us are larks who perform best in the morning, and others are owls who kick into action at night. Get to know what kind of emotional rhythm you follow, and how to sync your behavior and work patterns accordingly. Drawing on research from over 700 studies across a spectrum of disciplines, Pink piles the evidence to persuade us that scheduling and careful timing of our daily routine is crucial for both our professional performance and personal wellbeing. When is packed with practical takeaways for anyone wanting to learn how to use timing to their advantage, in order to live a richer, more fulfilled life.

2. No brainer

It’s time to start championing the talents of creative thinkers and start a ‘right brain’ revolution. Logical and analytical skills have traditionally been the most sought-after assets in business, but now we must get more innovative in the workplace. How? By encouraging creativity in our employees, and recruiting ‘right brain’ thinkers. Designers, inventors, storytellers, arts graduates, all have huge value in the workplace, and great potential to lead business forward. In this bold and inspiring bestseller, Pink gives actionable advice on how you can develop the right skills to excel in the fast-evolving current work climate.

3. Always Be Closing

To Sell is Human gives a fresh perspective on the art and science of selling. Pink’s message is that selling is not limited to stores and call centers. It’s an activity we all engage in, every time we ‘move’ someone to do something. Whether we’re employees pitching our boss a new idea, entrepreneurs enticing funders to invest, or parents cajoling children to go to sleep, we spend our time trying to move others. So, according to Pink, ‘we’re all in sales now’. Pink lays out how the landscape of sales has changed since the birth of the Internet, and he gives readers tips on how to adjust their sales techniques accordingly. Read this bestseller by Daniel Pink for new sales strategies, and to understand how selling techniques are relevant in many aspects of our lives.

4. In the driver’s seat

Drive pushes readers to think differently about motivation. Banishing the traditional ‘carrot-and-stick’ motivational method to the last century, Pink argues that we must grasp a new understanding of what we value in ourselves, and how best we can encourage others. This title introduces us to the companies, entrepreneurs, and scientists that are pioneering a new approach to motivation. Read Drive to learn how to harness your creativity, value judgment, and emotional intelligence in order to achieve success.

From motivation to leadership, to creativity, to selling, there’s a lot to be learned from Daniel Pink. Check out the key insights to When and Pink’s other bestsellers now with the Blinkist app.

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