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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: We’re Done Keeping Secrets: The Truth About How We Make Books-in-Blinks

Discover how we make a book-in-blinks in this world exclusive glimpse at our never before seen top-secret process.
by Caitlin Schiller | Mar 31 2017

Blinkist was founded four years ago. Every day since has been a struggle.

With tooth and claw we’ve defended our patented books-to-blinks process from prying eyes. To date, no one outside of the company has ever been allowed a glimpse at our scientifically-proven method for transforming the biggest ideas from nonfiction bestsellers into powerful short reads.

Alan Biscuits, Blinkist CCO

In an age of fake news and alternative facts, when it’s harder than ever to know where to turn for information you can believe in, we think it’s time to lower the iron curtain and provide some transparency about the unique system we use for turning books into books-in-blinks.

This tell-all interview with Blinkist CCO, Alan Biscuits, reveals our most potent secret.

Discover a magical world of ideas at

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