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Your Definitive Guide to Reading the Divergent Books in Order

Take an enlightening walk through the Divergent saga with our comprehensive guide. Understand how Beatrice Prior's journey unfolds as you read the Divergent books in the correct order. Immerse yourself in Roth's post-apocalyptic universe and discover a world of courage, sacrifice, and rebellion.
by Chris Allmer | May 6 2024
Unfold 'Divergent' with our Guide to Reading Divergent Books in Order

Enter the dystopian universe of the Divergent Trilogy. This captivating series has won readers’ hearts worldwide with its engaging plot and memorable characters.

The books draw us into a post-apocalyptic Chicago, where society is divided into five factions, each embodying a different virtue – Abnegation for selflessness, Dauntless for bravery, Amity for peacefulness, Candor for honesty, and Erudite for intelligence. 

We follow the life of Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior, who must select her faction on her sixteenth birthday, a decision that carries far-reaching consequences. Throughout the series, Tris battles trust issues, wrestles with betrayals and confronts brutal realities as she uncovers unnerving truths about her society and herself.

The Divergent series is a mesmerizing tale about courage, loyalty, and the human spirit’s resilience.


About Veronica Roth

The creative genius behind the Divergent trilogy, Veronica Roth, began her writing journey quite early. She was only a college student when the idea for Divergent sparked in her mind.

Combining her writing assignments with working on the first book, she completed most of it during her senior year’s winter break. The compelling backdrop, characters, and enthralling plot lines were all conceived during her remaining time at college.

Upon graduation, Roth dedicated herself entirely to her craft, and the first installment of the Divergent series was published in 2011, marking the start of an astounding writing career. Her vivid imagination and storytelling skills brought her international fame, forever imprinting the Divergent trilogy in the annals of young adult literature.

Discover the Trilogy: Read the Divergent Books in Order


Divergent (2011)

The first novel introduces us to a society fragmented into factions and a young woman, Beatrice Prior, who leaves her family’s faction to join another. This decision sets a series of life-altering events into motion as she discovers a conspiracy to eliminate all Divergents.

Insurgent (2012)

The second book continues to track Beatrice’s path, now using the name Tris, as she navigates through political unrest, betrayal, and looming warfare. Blurring the lines between friend and foe, Tris questions the system she’s known all her life and dares to rebel against it.

Allegiant (2013)

The final book in the trilogy sees Tris venturing beyond the bounds of her city for the first time. Confronted with shocking truths about her world, she must make unthinkable sacrifices in a war threatening humanity.

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