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How to Declutter Your Mind With Dawn Madsen

The Minimalist Mum, Dawn Madsen, guides you with Blinkist through a 5-step program to a life with no clutter and just pure living - focused on what truly matters.
by Chris Allmer | Oct 24 2023

We live in a time of excess, where our spaces are often cluttered with things and our minds with tasks. To work against this cluttering lifestyle, a more minimalistic lifestyle and approach have become the trend. Minimalists around the world are now convinced that their moderate lifestyle not only creates calm, uncluttered environments but also increases productivity and improves the quality of life.

But how can you go from a life of accumulation to one of intentional simplicity? Meet Dawn Madsen, popularly known as “The Minimal Mom,” a charismatic blogger and YouTuber who has successfully perfected the lifestyle of minimalism. Dawn is your go-to person when you want to not only tidy up your home but also declutter your mind.

Tell me More About Dawn Madsen

Dawn’s journey into minimalism isn’t just about owning fewer things—it’s about a richer life filled with purpose, clarity, and joy instead of things. With her engaging content and practical advice, she has inspired thousands to rethink their relationship with possessions, spaces, and time. Dawn is not just tidying up; she’s crafting clarity in living and mental spaces alike.

In collaboration with Blinkist, Dawn has curated an exclusive Guide for our readers. And this isn’t just your typical read. It integrates Blinks for reading, engaging Shortcasts for listening, and even features a thought-provoking quiz. All of these elements are united by a common goal: to help you declutter your mind and make room for life’s true riches.

Because minimalism, as Dawn showcases, isn’t just about subtracting—it’s about adding value.

Declutter Your Life for More Impact by Dawn Madsen

Are you ready to clear out the mess and make room for the best? Join us on a simple 5-step journey to a cleaner, calmer space. Let’s declutter your mind, find peace, and get back to what truly matters:

5 Steps to Declutter Your Mind

1. Determining Your Core Values

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of ‘things’ you own? Often, we find ourselves attached to items that don’t genuinely align with who we are or want to be.

By determining your core values, you put a spotlight on what truly matters. Is it family? Creativity? Adventure? The Blink “Love People, Use Things” helps you answer just that and gives you the tools to find your core values to make that prioritization even easier. 

2. Focus on One Thing and Do It Well

Material and digital clutter have made it tough for us to filter out what is essential. So, how do you go about focusing on one thing? And how can you set clear criteria for what to focus on or keep and what to get rid of?

Imagine a day when you’re laser-focused on tasks that matter, bringing you satisfaction and results. Greg McKeown’s book “Essentialism” will be your guidebook for this. You might be surprised at how liberating it feels to let go of the non-essentials!

3. Can Minimalism and Family Be Combined?

If you’ve ever stepped on a rogue Lego piece, you might be skeptical. However, minimalism isn’t about deprivation—it’s about intentionality.

Imagine a home where every toy and every piece of furniture has a purpose and place, where kids learn the value of quality over quantity. With the Shortcast “Minimalism and You” by Dana Byers, you will learn that embracing minimalism as a family is about creating an environment of understanding and collaboration. The result? A household that feels more like a sanctuary and less like a storage unit.

4. Building Your Minimalist Habit

Building habits can be tricky. But here’s the secret sauce: start small and be consistent.

Our book summary of James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits” is the roadmap to habit mastery. Whether it’s decluttering for five minutes a day or donating one item a day, the key is consistency.

Soon, minimalism won’t just be something you do—it’ll be a part of who you are. And if you are ready for it, the “5-Minute Rule of Decluttering” is a fun challenge within our Guide. Question: Can you declutter a space in just five minutes? You’ll be amazed at the momentum that small actions can create!


5. What’s Next? Moving Forward

In our final step of the “Declutter Your Life for More Impact” Guide, let’s pause and revisit what we’ve discovered. Picture a life filled only with what truly inspires happiness, purpose, and depth. A life where you managed to declutter your mind and step into a mindset free from clutter and a world where minimalism brings richer experiences, deeper connections, and genuine value in all that remains.

This Guide, co-created with Dawn, is just a glimpse into the extensive library of insights that Blinkist offers. From personal growth to mastering daily tasks, the potential for self-improvement is expansive. And speaking of organization, for those looking to dig even deeper into it, don’t miss this article on Blinkist Magazine titled “Super Organizer: How to Joyfully Declutter Your Entire Life” about tidying expert Marie Kondo.

But why stop there? Blinkist, your go-to book summary platform, has more than 100 expert-led Guides for you to explore. Guides like the one co-created with Dawn about how to declutter your mind. And if you’re ready to start, Blinkist offers a free 7-day trial, so you’ll have everything you need.

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