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Dating After 60: The Top Books To Read To Find Your Golden Bachelor/ Bachelorette

Are you in your 60s and looking for love? You're not alone. This article will help you get started on your dating journey.
by Heiko Mandler | Oct 10 2023
An Elderly Couple under a tree

Are you in your 60s and looking for love? You’re not alone. According to a recent study, a whopping 36% of all adults aged 60 and over are currently single. With the TV show “The Golden Bachelor” showcasing senior dating, it’s clear that this demographic is actively seeking companionship and romance.

But dating in your 60s can come with its own unique set of challenges. From navigating grief or loneliness to dealing with the different ways of finding a partner, finding love later in life can be daunting for those seeking some kind of romantic connection, especially since many older adults feel a stigma against discussing love and intimacy out loud.

It Is Never Too Late to Find Love – You Just Need the Right Tools

However: there is a solution to tackle those challenges! With the help of the knowledge app Blinkist, you can explore a variety of books that offer insight, advice, and inspiration for dating in your golden years.

“I read a lot of self-improvement books through Blinkist because I can gain specific knowledge on ways to improve myself.”
–Steven Renwick, real Blinkist user

The Blinkist app takes insights from the best non-fiction books to create quick, memorable, easy-to-understand insights that can either be read or listened to in just 15 minutes. You can listen or read to these books wherever, whenever: on a walk while doing chores, or while waiting at the doctor’s office. Blinkist is available on the web or on your phone’s app store, conveniently located on whichever device you are currently using.

This innovative concept is already helping 27 million people in their lives and has caught the attention of some of the world’s most prominent organizations. The app has won a prestigious design award from Google, been named one of the world’s best apps by Apple, and was even listed as a Global Leader in Learning and Education by the United Nations.

“With Blinkist you can boost your knowledge and gain new perspectives so that you can be a better partner, or a better you—and finally get through your book list or make sense of the increasingly big and busy world of ideas.”
–United Nations, World Summit Awards

There are more than 6,500 titles to choose from, spanning 27 categories like relationships, communication skills, and mindfulness & happiness. Start with the 5 most-read titles and see if you don’t feel a little more equipped already.

1. Nonviolent Communication: A Key to Successful Dating After 60

For those embarking on a journey of love in their golden years, Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg is a must-read. This title offers profound insights into how we can communicate our needs effectively and empathetically.

As we age, communication becomes even more vital in forming authentic connections, and this book guides you in developing these crucial skills. Imagine being able to express your desires and concerns to your potential partner clearly, honestly, and kindly. With Rosenberg’s strategies, older adults can navigate the dating scene with confidence, fostering meaningful and harmonious relationships.

2. “Set Boundaries, Find Peace” – A Guide to Healthy Relationships for Seniors

Navigating relationships in your golden years also necessitates a firm grip on creating and maintaining boundaries. This is where Set Boundaries, Find Peace by Nedra Glover Tawwab comes into play.

The book serves as an empowering guide, teaching you to assert your needs, foster mutual respect, and create healthy, harmonious relationships. In the exciting yet challenging landscape of senior dating, this book can be your compass, helping you pave the way to secure, fulfilling relationships. It emphasizes that setting boundaries isn’t about being selfish; it’s about self-care and ensuring your own peace of mind.

3. Embrace Secure Connections with “Polysecure” by Jessica Fern

Polysecure, a renowned book by Jessica Fern on Blinkist, offers a refreshing perspective on navigating relationships, particularly for seniors preparing to reenter the dating scene. Whether they are looking for something casual or something serious, Fern provides a comprehensive guide on attachment styles and their role in our relationships.

This understanding can be instrumental for those in their 60s as they cultivate new romantic connections. After all, aren’t we all seeking a secure, meaningful bond at any age? Fern’s insights empower seniors to identify their own and their potential partners’ attachment styles, enabling them to foster relationships that are both fulfilling and secure.

4. Rediscover Love after Loss with “Option B” by Sheryl Sandberg

Dealing with loss is a challenging life chapter. But Sheryl Sandberg’s Option B might just provide the resilience and strength you need to overcome it.

In her book, Sandberg shares her personal journey of recovery after the sudden death of her husband, offering crucial advice on overcoming grief and rediscovering joy. For those who have experienced a similar loss, the insights from Sandberg’s book are priceless, equipping you to face the future with newfound optimism.

With a combination of personal anecdotes and research, the book serves as a beacon of hope, guiding you to not just survive adversity, but to thrive despite it. Embrace the second chapter of your love life with grace, courage, and an indomitable spirit.

Because, as Sandberg says, “Option B is a book that teaches us how to kick the sh*t out of option A.” It’s never too late to start anew, grow, and seize the love you deserve.

5. Learn Safe Senior Dating Online with Aziz Ansari’s “Modern Romance”

Embarking on a new dating journey can seem overwhelming, especially when technology is revolutionizing how we form connections. Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance offers a fresh, insightful look into the complex world of dating in the digital age.

Now, you might be thinking, “How is this book relevant for me?” Well, Ansari’s exploration into the modern dating scene is not just for the young, but for anyone seeking love in a rapidly evolving world. His witty, research-based investigations delve into the pros and cons of online dating, the impact of technology on romance, and how to navigate this new landscape.

Ansari’s book empowers you to seize control of your love life with a dash of humor and a ton of practical advice. Let’s embrace the modern age and discover love, one swipe at a time.

Learn How To Navigate the Dating World in 15 Minutes

The average book takes about eight hours to read. That means if you wanted to check out every book on this list, it would take at least 40 hours. With Blinkist, you can get the core messages in 1 hour, and 15 minutes. The Blinkist app gathers the key ideas from nonfiction books and explains them in 15 minutes. So, if you want to check out any of the books on this list, you can get the most important ideas quickly on the app. Plus, there are 6,500 other titles to explore.

The sleek and simple design makes it easy to learn from some of the world’s best books in minutes — whether that’s through listening or reading.

27 Million People are (Re-)Learning How to Date by Listening

What’s more, these explainers are available to read and listen to. Listening with Blinkist ensures learning never has to be deprioritized and can fit easily into any spare moment of the day.

As it turns out, listening is the most popular way people use Blinkist to learn, with around 70% of the 27 million users opting to listen as opposed to reading the 15-minute explainer packs. This comes as no surprise, given that around 30% of people retain information better when it’s listened to.

Embrace This Exciting Chapter of Your Life

Don’t let age stop you from finding love and companionship. Dating in your 60s can be a fulfilling and exciting chapter of your life, with the help of Blinkist. So why wait? Download the app now and start exploring all that it has to offer for senior citizens looking for love. Who knows, your own success story could be just around the corner.

Join millions of other curious minds and download Blinkist to start listening today!

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