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Journey Through Love and Life: The Guide to Colleen Hoover Books in Order

Embark on a literary journey with our guide to Colleen Hoover books in chronological order. Follow the characters as they traverse love, life, passion, and secrets across different series and standalone novels. Discover why she's a New York Times bestselling author.
by Chris Allmer | May 7 2024
Unravel a World of Romance: Discover the Whole Collection of Colleen Hoover’s Books in Order

Let us introduce you to a renowned wordsmith, Colleen Hoover. With a distinctive flair for crafting romantic narratives, Hoover has secured a spot on the New York Times Bestseller list and in the hearts of her readers. Over the last decade, Hoover’s prolific output – 24 novels and novellas since 2012 – has established her as a staple in the world of romantic literature.

Colleen Hoover’s work explores the nuances of romantic relationships, often navigating through tasteful passion, shared secrets, and captivating plots. Her stories, both standalone and book series, have engrossed readers for their unpredictable journeys, seamlessly integrating light-hearted moments with deeper emotional exploration.


Unfolding the Journey: Colleen Hoover Books in Order


The Slammed Trilogy

Slammed (2012)

Layken, an 18-year-old girl, finds solace in her poet neighbor, Will, amidst the tragedy of her father’s death. However, a startling discovery threatens their thriving relationship.

Point of Retreat (2012)

This second installment of the Slammed trilogy continues the love saga of Layken and Will as they grapple with a revelation from Will’s past.

This Girl (2013)

The final book in the Slammed series narrates the tale from Will’s perspective, as he and Layken face his past and anticipate their future.

The Hopeless Saga

Hopeless (2012)

The story brings Sky and Dean together in an exploration of first love and past traumas.

Losing Hope (2013)

This sequel unwraps Dean’s tormented past and his early encounters with Sky.

Finding Cinderella (2013)

In this novella, two teenagers pretend to be in love for an hour only for one to be left wondering if the fake love is real.

All Your Perfects (2018)

The story captures the complexities of Quinn and Graham’s married life as they confront their past issues and the cracks in their relationship.

Finding Perfect (2019)

A sequel to Finding Cinderella, this novella intertwines the stories from Hopeless and All Your Perfects, illustrating the journey of Daniel and his relationship with Six.

Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday (2014)

Embarking upon their own emotional journeys, Sydney and her mysterious neighbor Ridge find love in the most extraordinary way. Composing music together leads them to confront their feelings for each other.

Maybe Not (2014)

A Sequel of “Maybe Someday”, “Maybe Not” gives an insight into the romantic chaos of Warren and his roomate Bridgette. The two enemies find themselves dealing with unexpected attraction, shattering their preconceived notions.

Maybe Now (2018)

Friendship, loyalty, or love? Ridge and Sydney are happily enjoying their guilt-free time together. But while they’re figuring out this no-strings-attached life, Warren and Bridgette’s epic love drama is raging on, and poor Maggie’s battling with her illness.

It Ends with Us

It Ends With Us (2016)

Lily is a fighter, moving from small-town Maine to big-city Boston and starting her own business, and one day she meets Ryle, an attractive neurosurgeon who’s totally charming but anti-dating. Just as Lily starts to be Ryle’s game changer, her first love Atlas reappears and puts everything upside down.

It Starts With Us (2023)

Follow Lily, Ryle and Atlas’ story in this sequel. Throughout the story, the characters find solace in the power of true love and, despite their shared traumatic history, they have crafted fulfilling lives for themselves.

Not Looking for a Series? Here Are Colleen Hoover’s Standalone Books

Ugly Love (2014) 

A captivating tale of an unlikely attraction between nurse Tate Collins and airline pilot, Miles Archer.

November 9 (2015)

A moving tale about a writer and his muse, making promises to meet every year on November 9.

Confess (2015)

Auburn Reed’s attempts to rebuild her shattered life lead her to the mysterious artist, Owen Gentry.

Never Never (2016)

A lifelong couple, Charlie and Silas wake up with no memory of each other, compelling them to rediscover their love.

Without Merit (2017)

Witness the quirky world of Merit Voss, who finds herself at crossroads when she uncovers her family’s dark secrets.

Verity (2018)

An aspiring writer uncovers dark secrets about a bestselling author while living in her house.

Regretting You (2019)

Morgan’s efforts to protect her daughter Clara from repeating her mistakes take a turn after a sudden tragedy.

Heart Bones (2020)

Beyah Grimm escapes poverty when she receives a scholarship, only to lose her home and find herself attracted to the mysterious Samson.

Layla (2020) 

A tragic love story revolves around Layla and Leeds, whose relationship is tested after a tragic accident

Reminders of Him (2022)

Kenna Rowan steps out after five years in prison determined to reconnect with her young daughter.

Too Late (2016)

Sloan’s life takes a dark turn as she becomes entangled with a notorious drug trafficker, Asa Jackson.

Have you already read all of them? If you’ve already made your way through Hoover’s books or are looking for similar captivating reads, we invite you to check out our list of books similar to Colleen Hoover’s.

There’s a whole world of compelling narratives waiting for you to get lost in. Enjoy your literary adventures!

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