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Trouble Sleeping? Stop Taking Your Smartphone To Bed

Millions of people struggle to sleep at night. Here's one takeaway to fast-track you to the land of nod.
by Tom Anderson | Feb 1 2017

Do you struggle to sleep at night? Watch the video below to find out the ultimate trick to a night of sound, unbroken sleep.

Many people struggle to fall asleep in the evening due to one simple reason: they take their smartphones to bed with them. Don’t pretend that you don’t! According to a 2015 Consumer Mobility Report, 71% of people keep their smartphones beside them while they sleep.

Sleeping with your phone keeps you awake for two reasons: The blue light it emits suppresses your natural production of melatonin, a hormone that helps us get to sleep. And, social media use right up until bedtime, makes us anxious and restless.

The solution is obvious: The bedroom should be a device-free zone. So, get yourself a radio-alarm clock, a good novel and leave your mobile phone at the bedroom door. You’ll soon be sleeping like a baby.

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