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The Ultimate Guide to Reading the Bridgerton Books in Order

Discover the romance and grandeur of the Regency era through our guide to reading the Bridgerton books in order. From Daphne to Gregory, journey through the lives of each Bridgerton sibling as love finds them in unexpected ways
by Rob Gillham | Apr 29 2024
Discover the Bridgerton Books in Order: A Reading Guide by Blinkist

Dive into a world of ball gowns, scandals, and timeless romance by exploring the Bridgerton series. Set in the vibrant Regency era, the series is a delightful blend of historical romantic fiction that has enraptured readers and viewers alike.

Meet Julia Quinn: The Wordsmith Behind the Bridgertons

Julia Quinn, the author behind the popular Bridgerton series, is a renowned novelist for her historical romance stories. A Harvard and Yale graduate, she found her calling in writing and won hearts with her subtle wit, dynamic characters, and enticing plots.

Each book in the Bridgerton series offers readers an up-close glimpse into a different sibling’s romance, making each narrative unique and compelling.

Why Read the Bridgerton Books in Order?

Like the threads of a meticulously woven tapestry, every Bridgerton book adds depth and detail to the overarching narrative. 

Going through them in the intended sequence allows you to trace the family’s sagas cohesively, understand the siblings’ unique characteristics, and witness their growth over time. This is especially important considering the numerous characters involved, each with their own love stories unfolding.

Moreover, no spoilers are implied when you follow the order – especially Lady Whistledown identity! –  since each book provides a complete story of each sibling.

However, bypassing the sequence might reveal unforeseen details about previous love stories. So, for a seamless and spoiler-free experience, let the Bridgerton books guide you through the enchanting labyrinth of high society romance, one sibling at a time.


Unlock the Charms of the Bridgerton Books in Order


1. “The Duke and I” 

Meet Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke of Hastings, whose fake courtship to keep him away from marriage and to help her attract more suitors, will turn into a passionate love affair, setting tongues wagging in town.

2. “The Viscount Who Loved Me” 

Anthony Bridgerton, the head of the Bridgerton family, is intended to marry and gets engaged. However, he falls for the seemingly unsuitable Kate Sheffield, his fiancées sister, stirring a delightful love story of denial and desire.

3. “An Offer From a Gentleman” 

Sophie Beckett is a serving girl, and her life changes irrevocably when finds her own Prince Charming in Benedict Bridgerton. This is a beautiful tale of class divisions, secret identities, and a fresh approach of the Cinderella story.

4. “Romancing Mister Bridgerton” 

Penelope Featherington has always been in love with Colin Bridgerton. And Colin’s life takes a romantic turn when he realizes his deep feelings for her, a longtime friend who hides a secret of her own.

5. “To Sir Phillip, With Love” 

Eloise Bridgerton receives a surprising proposal from Sir Phillip. Despite her initial doubts, Eloise finds him different from her usual suitors and his rugged manners lead her to question whether he could indeed be her ideal match.

6. “When He Was Wicked” 

Michael Stirling’s life changes when he falls for Francesca Bridgerton at first sight. However, she is soon to be wed to his cousin. Now an earl, and with Francesca available but only seeing him as a friend, Michael cannot confess his love until one fateful night brings hidden secrets to light.

7. “It’s in His Kiss” 

At risk of losing his inheritance, Gareth St. Clair struggles with his grandmother’s diary in Italian and Hyacinth Bridgerton enters his life and offers to translate. As they delve into the diary, they find their answers in each other, not the written words.

8. “On the Way to the Wedding” 

Gregory Bridgerton, in search of true love, mistakes Miss Hermione Watson as his dream woman, but she loves someone else. Hermione’s best friend, Lady Lucinda Abernathy, ends up falling for Gregory while trying to help him win her over, despite being engaged herself.

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