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20 Enigmatic Books Like “The Da Vinci Code” to Puzzle Over

Uncover Secrets With These Mysteries Similar to "The Da Vinci Code"
by The Blinkist Team | Mar 29 2024
20 Mind-Bending Books Similar to The Da Vinci Code

“The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown is a phenomenon that combines thrilling narratives with puzzles, art, history, and religion, captivating millions of readers worldwide. It’s a masterpiece of fiction that weaves factual elements with speculation, leading readers on a breathless race to solve mysteries alongside its protagonists.

If you’re mesmerized by the seamless blend of historical intrigue and suspenseful storytelling found in “The Da Vinci Code,” and are yearning for more books with a similar fusion of mystery, history, and heart-pounding adventure, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect list. Here lies an assembly of 20 books ready to whisk you away on adventures filled with enigmatic puzzles, hidden histories, and conspiracies waiting to be unraveled. 

Top 20 best books to read if you liked “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown


1. “Angels & Demons” by Dan Brown

Before “The Da Vinci Code,” Robert Langdon’s first adventure delves into the heart of the Vatican, blending science, faith, and a historic threat.

  • Exploration of religious and historical themes.
  • A fast-paced, intellectual puzzle.
  • Connection to art and ancient symbols.


2. “The Last Templar” by Raymond Khoury

A modern-day archaeologist uncovers a secret that could prove disastrous for the foundation of Christianity.

  • Combining history and modern mystery.
  • Use of religious artifacts and symbols.
  • A quest involving ancient secrets.


3. “The Rule of Four” by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason

Two Princeton students uncover a mysterious coded manuscript that has puzzled scholars for centuries.

  • A blend of academia, history, and suspense.
  • Exploration of Renaissance texts and symbolism.
  • Thriller with a complex puzzle at its core.


4. “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova

A young woman’s search for her missing father uncovers a centuries-old quest to find the resting place of Vlad the Impaler.

  • Historical mystery spanning generations.
  • Integration of folklore and real history.
  • Globetrotting adventure with a dark twist.


5. “Labyrinth” by Kate Mosse

Two timelines interweave in this tale of a medieval manuscript that could upend Christian history and the women connected across time.

  • Dual narrative connecting past and present.
  • A quest based on historical events and locations.
  • Mystery involving religious artifacts.


6. “Foucault’s Pendulum” by Umberto Eco

Three intellectual friends create their own historical conspiracy for fun, only to find themselves pursued by believers of their invented theory.

  • Complex narrative involving esoteric history.
  • Exploration of symbolism and secret societies.
  • Intellectual thriller with dense historical references.


7. “The Eight” by Katherine Neville

A quest to find a mystical chess set that has been sought after for centuries, moving back and forth between the French Revolution and the 1970s.

  • Dual timeline with historical and modern elements.
  • The blending of historical events with a fictional quest.
  • Puzzle-solving adventure with enigmatic clues.


8. “The Book of Fate” by Brad Meltzer

A presidential aide uncovers clues leading to a two-hundred-year-old code invented by Thomas Jefferson and a secret society.

  • Political conspiracy with historical roots.
  • Connection to hidden codes and symbols.
  • Fast-paced adventure with a mystery to solve.


9. “The Secret Supper” by Javier Sierra

Set against the backdrop of Da Vinci’s creation of the Last Supper, this novel delves into a mystery involving heretical messages within the painting.

  • Historical art and symbolism as the central puzzle.
  • Conspiracy and secret societies.
  • Interpretation of historical events connected to religion.


10. “The Third Secret” by Steve Berry

The discovery of a secret document within the Vatican leads to a chilling conspiracy involving the Church’s most hidden truths.

  • Vatican-centric mystery with global implications.
  • Exploration of secrets buried within religious institutions.
  • Challenging conventional beliefs with a puzzling mystery.


11. “The Sanctuary” by Raymond Khoury

An ancient artifact that could rewrite history propels a woman from a quiet life into a race across continents to unlock its secrets.

  • A mix of historical discovery and modern investigation.
  • The threat of a powerful secret changing the course of history.
  • Globetrotting adventure with intricate puzzles.


12. “The Golem and the Jinni” by Helene Wecker

In 1899 New York, two supernatural beings from different cultural folklore find their fates intertwined, exploring themes of magic and identity.

  • Incorporation of historical setting with folklore.
  • Themes of mystery and existential exploration.
  • Blending of different cultural histories.


13. “The Templar Legacy” by Steve Berry

Cotton Malone, an ex-Justice Department agent, uncovers a mystery connected to the Knights Templar and a secret that could change the world.

  • Thriller based on historical secret societies.
  • Connection to religious and ancient symbols.
  • An adventure that explores hidden historical truths.


14. “The Painted Girls” by Cathy Marie Buchanan

Set in 19th-century Paris, this novel explores the lives of the van Goethem sisters and their involvement with Degas, blending history, art, and a riveting narrative.

  • Historical fiction with an art-focused mystery.
  • Exploration of themes of survival and family amidst intrigue.
  • A deep dive into the intersection of history, art, and society.


15. “The Rosetta Key” by William Dietrich

Ethan Gage’s adventures take him to the Middle East in search of an artifact that could tip the balance of power in the Napoleonic wars.

  • Historical adventure with a mix of espionage.
  • Quest for a powerful and mysterious artifact.
  • Blending of real history with thrilling fiction.


16. “The Charlemagne Pursuit” by Steve Berry

Cotton Malone uncovers a family secret tied to a Nazi expedition and a mystery dating back to Charlemagne.

  • A mix of personal quest and historical mystery.
  • Involvement of secret codes and ancient texts.
  • Adventure that ties together European history with suspense.


17. “The Cipher” by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Magic, mystery, and hidden journals lead to an ancient power that could change the world in this fantasy with historical undertones.

  • Exploration of ancient knowledge and power.
  • A mysterious, entangled plot with magical elements.
  • A hero’s quest to unravel history’s secrets.


18. “The Romanov Prophecy” by Steve Berry

A modern lawyer involved in the verification of the Romanov remains uncovers a prophecy that could lead to the rebirth of the Russian monarchy.

  • Historical thriller with modern political intrigue.
  • Quest involving hidden history and lines of succession.
  • Blending of true historical events with speculative fiction.


19. “Sphinx” by Robin Cook

An archaeological thriller involving the search for a mythical tomb in Egypt, blending history, romance, and danger.

  • Quest for ancient artifacts with historical significance.
  • Blend of adventure, romance, and historical mystery.
  • Exploration of Egyptian mythology and history.


20. “The Alexandria Link” by Steve Berry

Cotton Malone faces off against an international conspiracy to find an ancient library that could reshape understanding of the Bible and history itself.

  • Intriguing notion of hidden historical knowledge.
  • Fast-paced thriller with a mix of espionage and discovery.
  • Global adventure seeking a lost artifact of immense power.

In conclusion, these 20 books promise escapades as intellectually stimulating and heart-pounding as “The Da Vinci Code.” From ancient texts to secret societies, and from art-fueled mysteries to historical conspiracies, each book on this list ensures an exploration of the unknown with every turn of the page.

Whether you’re drawn to the depth of historical puzzles or the thrill of unraveling global conspiracies, there’s something here for every curious mind. Prepare to embark on your next great adventure—happy reading!


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