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20 Enthralling Books Like “Haunting Adeline” For A Spine-Tingling Read

Get Lost in a World of Suspense and Mystery with Books Similar to "Haunting Adeline"
by The Blinkist Team | Apr 24 2024
20 Spellbinding Mysteries & Thrillers Like Haunting Adeline

“Haunting Adeline” is a chilling tale by H. D. Carlton that blends elements of suspense, romance, and a touch of the supernatural, capturing readers with its dark and enthralling narrative. It weaves the story of Adeline, who finds herself caught in a haunting web of mystery and obsessive love, challenging her to uncover truths and survive.

For those captivated by the book’s intense atmosphere and the intricate dance between fear and fascination, finding similar reads can be as compelling as the story itself. Embark on this literary journey through shadows and secrets with a list of 20 books that resonate with the haunting allure of “Haunting Adeline.”

Top 20 best books to read if you liked “Haunting Adeline” by H. D. Carlton


1. “Verity” by Colleen Hoover

In this gripping thriller, Lowen uncovers the disturbing reality behind Verity Crawford’s manuscripts, blurring the lines between right and wrong.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • A twisting narrative filled with suspense.
  • Themes of dark romance and secrets.
  • A compelling blend of thriller and psychological depth.


2. “The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides

Alicia Berenson’s life changes when she becomes silent after shooting her husband, leading to a dark, psychological puzzle.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • Psychological mystery with an unpredictable plot.
  • Dark and haunting atmosphere.
  • Exploration of silence and secrets within a relationship.


3. “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier

The young Mrs. de Winter faces the shadow of her husband’s first wife, Rebecca, in this classic tale of romance and suspense.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • A haunting and atmospheric setting.
  • The psychological complexity of relationships.
  • A pervasive sense of dread and mystery.


4. “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn

Nick and Amy’s twisted marriage becomes the center of a media frenzy and a web of lies in this dark psychological thriller.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • A complex and suspenseful plot.
  • Themes of deception and marital discord.
  • A thrilling narrative that keeps readers guessing.


5. “Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn

Camille Preaker returns to her hometown to uncover the truth behind two grisly murders, facing her personal demons along the way.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • An intricate mystery with a dark atmosphere.
  • Exploration of family dynamics and secrets.
  • A gripping narrative intertwining past and present traumas.


6. “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern

Two young magicians find themselves competitors in a magical duel that blends elements of love and mystery within the enchanting Cirque des Rêves.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • A mysterious and magical setting.
  • A darkly romantic storyline.
  • Themes of rivalry, destiny, and sacrifice.


7. “In the Woods” by Tana French

Detective Ryan investigates a child’s murder that eerily connects to his own past, unraveling secrets and lies in a small Irish town.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • A suspenseful murder mystery.
  • Dark secrets and a haunting atmosphere.
  • Complex characters with deep emotional layers.


8. “Mexican Gothic” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Noemí goes to save her cousin from a menacing doom in a Gothic mansion, uncovering family secrets and horrors.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • A Gothic, eerie setting.
  • Supernatural elements intertwined with a family mystery.
  • A strong, determined protagonist facing dark forces.


9. “The Woman in the Window” by A.J. Finn

Anna Fox spies on her neighbors until she witnesses something she shouldn’t, spiraling into a dark, complex plot.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • Psychological intrigue and an unreliable narrator.
  • A suffocating and tense atmosphere.
  • A plot filled with twists and dark revelations.


10. “You” by Caroline Kepnes

Joe Goldberg’s obsession with Guinevere Beck takes a dark, thrilling turn in this tale of love and stalking.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • A narrative driven by obsession and suspense.
  • Psychological depth and dark themes.
  • A dangerous, compelling romance.


11. “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins

Rachel becomes involved in a missing person’s investigation, with each discovery leading to more questions than answers.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • A mystery that deepens as the story progresses.
  • Themes of voyeurism and unreliable narratives.
  • An atmosphere charged with tension and uncertainty.


12. “Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty

The seemingly perfect lives of three women unravel to reveal deceit, murder, and a web of lies in their small town.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • Dark secrets hidden beneath the surface.
  • A compelling mix of mystery and dark humor.
  • The exploration of complex female relationships.


13. “The Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Young Daniel unearths a book that leads him down a path of mystery, love, and revenge in post-war Barcelona.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • A haunting historical mystery.
  • Rich, atmospheric storytelling.
  • A deep dive into the world of books and secrets.


14. “Lock Every Door” by Riley Sager

Jules takes a too-good-to-be-true apartment sitting job at the Bartholomew, only to uncover its sinister secrets.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • A gripping, suspenseful plot.
  • The sense of being trapped in a luxurious yet dangerous setting.
  • A mystery that intertwines past and present events.


15. “My Lovely Wife” by Samantha Downing

A seemingly normal couple harbors a dark secret—they get away with murder. This book explores what lies beneath the facade of a perfect marriage.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • Dark and thrilling plot twists.
  • The exploration of a twisted love story.
  • A narrative that delves into psychological depth and depravity.


16. “Behind Closed Doors” by B.A. Paris

The perfect marriage of Jack and Grace conceals a dark, controlling relationship in this gripping psychological thriller.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • A tense, suspense-filled narrative.
  • The theme of appearances hiding sinister truths.
  • The psychological unraveling of characters.


17. “The Turn of the Key” by Ruth Ware

A nanny’s dream job at a smart house turns into a nightmare, blending Gothic elements with modern suspense.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • A modern Gothic thriller.
  • The entwining of technology and suspense.
  • A plot charged with mystery and psychological twists.


18. “The Witch Elm” by Tana French

Toby’s life is upended by a burglary, leading him to uncover dark family secrets and question his own past.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • A complex, layered mystery.
  • Themes of memory, identity, and the unreliability of the self.
  • A dark, enveloping narrative style.


19. “The Widow” by Fiona Barton

The tale unfolds around the death of a husband and the secrets he left behind, told from the perspectives of the widow, the detective, and the reporter.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • Multiple perspectives enriching the narrative.
  • Themes of secrets and the dark side of human nature.
  • A suspenseful plot that reveals unexpected truths.


20. “The Last Time I Lied” by Riley Sager

Emma’s return to Camp Nightingale uncovers the truth about a game of two truths and a lie that ended in tragedy.

Elements in common with Haunting Adeline:

  • A setting that amplifies the eerie atmosphere.
  • A narrative built around unraveling a past mystery.
  • Themes of guilt, lies, and the consequences of our actions.

If you enjoyed reading “Haunting Adeline” and are looking for similar books that combine darkness with intrigue, then this list will provide you with a variety of options. Whether you prefer shadowy mysteries or twisted romances, each book will take you on a suspenseful journey.

So, get ready to immerse yourself in the world of gripping storytelling. Choose your next read and enjoy the thrilling ride. Happy reading!


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