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Healing Through Pages: 20 Powerful Books Like “Girl in Pieces”

Embark On Poignant Journeys With These Influential Books Similar To Girl In Pieces
by The Blinkist Team | Mar 8 2024

20 Books Like

Kathleen Glasgow’s “Girl in Pieces” shocked its audience and deeply moved them with its intimate peek into the raw unfolding of mental health struggles in a teenager’s life. Its protagonist, Charlie’s painful journey from self-mutilation towards healing and recovery has resonated with readers worldwide.

If you found strength in Charlie’s story, connected with the profound authenticity of Glasgow’s narrative, and are in search of more such impactful novels, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 20 influential and therapeutic books like “Girl in Pieces” to aid you on your journey of understanding and empathy.

The 20 best books to read if you liked “Girl in Pieces”


1. “Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson.

Follow Melinda’s silent anguish following a traumatic experience.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Protagonist internalizing her pain and trauma.
  • Journey towards recovery and self-acceptance.
  • Powerful exploration of mental health.


2. “All The Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven.

Embark on an intense emotional journey with two teenagers, both struggling with personal demons.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Deep exploration of mental health issues.
  • The impact of supportive relationships on recovery.
  • Unflinching insight into the protagonists’ struggle with self-harm and guilt.


3. “Wintergirls” by Laurie Halse Anderson.

Delve into the harrowing world of eating disorders through the life of Lia.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • First-person narrative detailing internal struggles.
  • The destructive pathway of self-harm.
  • Intense focus on mental health and recovery.


4. “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” by Ned Vizzini.

Step into the world of Craig Gilner, who finds himself in a mental health facility.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Narration highlighting the struggle with depression.
  • Self-discovery and healing.
  • The reality of mental health treatments and institutions.


5. “Cut” by Patricia McCormick.

Experience the journey of Callie, who uses self-harm in her battle against inner emotional turmoil.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Raw display of self-harm.
  • The personal fight against inner demons.
  • Emotional turmoil and road to self-healing.


6. “Impulse” by Ellen Hopkins.

Get drawn into the intertwined lives of teens at a psychiatric hospital.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Stories of teenagers battling mental health issues.
  • The struggle with self-harm and suicide.
  • Healing through bonds formed in therapy.


7. “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher.

Unravel the reasons behind Hannah’s suicide through cassette tapes she leaves behind.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Exploration of heavy themes like suicide and depression.
  • Impact of hardships and social pressure on mental health.
  • Insightful revelation of a teenager’s life struggles.


8. “Teach Me to Forget” by Erica M. Chapman.

Follow Ellery, who buys a self-euthanization guide after her family’s death.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Detailing a teenager’s struggle with suicidal tendencies.
  • Dealing with grief and loss.
  • The healing power of friendships and love.


9. “Every Last Word” by Tamara Ireland Stone.

Experience high school through Samantha, who’s hiding her OCD diagnosis.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Protagonist dealing with mental health issues secretly.
  • The transformation through newfound friendships.
  • The therapeutic power of self-expression.


10. “The Impossible Knife of Memory” by Laurie Halse Anderson.

Witness Hayley’s struggle as she takes care of her father suffering from PTSD.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Protagonist grappling with traumatic experiences.
  • The reality of living with a mentally ill parent.
  • Themes of survival and resilience.


11. “My Heart and Other Black Holes” by Jasmine Warga.

Venture into the pact between two teenagers to end their lives together.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Exploration of suicidal ideation.
  • The process of healing through relationships.
  • Intense portrayal of depression and mental health.


12. “By the Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead” by Julie Anne Peters.

Join Daelyn’s struggle with a ten-day countdown to suicide.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Protagonist grappling with suicidal tendencies.
  • Themes of hope, resilience, and survival.
  • Portrayal of societal pressure and its effect on mental health.


13. “Holding Up the Universe” by Jennifer Niven.

Watch Libby and Jack tackle their personal challenges and vulnerabilities.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Characters battling personal issues.
  • The power of connections and self-acceptance.
  • Exploration of teen mental health.


14. “Made You Up” by Francesca Zappia.

Live with Alex’s struggle with schizophrenia, not knowing what’s real.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Navigating reality and mental health disorders.
  • Development of relationships amidst challenges.
  • Unfiltered portrayal of mental illness.


15. “I Was Here” by Gayle Forman.

Travel with Cody, unraveling the truth behind her friend’s suicide.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Dealing with the aftermath of a friend’s suicide.
  • Insights into depression and self-harm.
  • Themes of self-discovery and healing.


16. “Looking for Alaska” by John Green.

Journey with Pudge as he navigates love, loss, and the labyrinth of suffering.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Deep, emotional exploration of love and loss.
  • Examination of self and the meaning of life.
  • Protagonists tackling heavy emotional themes.


17. “Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock” by Matthew Quick.

Trace Leonard’s struggles as he plans his eighteenth birthday as his last day alive.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Protagonist grappling with suicidal ideation.
  • Intense exploration of mental health and loneliness.
  • Journey towards understanding and potential healing.


18. “Identical” by Ellen Hopkins.

Dive into the dark secrets of identical twins Kaeleigh and Raeanne.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Dark themes of abuse and its mental repercussion.
  • Poignant exploration of self-harm and eating disorders.
  • Recovery and self-acceptance journey.


19. “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman.

Follow Mia’s emotional turmoil while in a coma after a devastating accident.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Encountering loss and life-altering experiences.
  • Deep introspection and weighing life decisions.
  • Themes of resilience and hope.


20. “Suicide Notes” by Michael Thomas Ford.

Embark on 15-year-old Jeff’s journey inside a psychiatric ward.

Elements in common with Girl in Pieces:

  • Protagonist navigating life in a mental health facility.
  • Revelations of self-harm and suicide.
  • Exploration of relationships and self-discovery.

If you found “Girl in Pieces” to be a thought-provoking book that made you introspective, enlightened, and interested in stories that highlight the importance of mental health and the healing process, then this list will be a valuable resource for you. Each of the books on this list delves into the depths of mental health struggles, but they also offer a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel.

Whether you want to gain a deeper understanding of mental health issues, read about experiences that mirror your own, or discover inspiring stories of survival, these books will deliver. So go ahead, dear reader, and embark on another meaningful read. Happy reading!


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