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20 Enchanting Historical Romances Like “Bridgerton” to Sweep You Off Your Feet

Immerse Yourself in High Society and Heartfelt Love Stories With These Books Similar to "Bridgerton"
by The Blinkist Team | Apr 10 2024

20 Enchanting Historical Romances Like Bridgerton

“Bridgerton,” by Julia Quinn, has whisked countless readers away to a world of high society, scandal, and passion. Set against the backdrop of Regency England, it combines witty dialogue, engaging plots, and irresistible romance.

If you’ve been captivated by the charm of the Bridgerton series and are yearning for more tales of balls, duels, and love letters, then you’re in perfect company.

Prepare to be charmed by these 20 historical romances that promise all the allure of “Bridgerton” and more, with dashing dukes, spirited heroines, and enthralling narratives that will make you swoon.


Top 20 best books to read if you liked “Bridgerton” by Julia Quinn


1. “One Dance with a Duke” by Tessa Dare 

Experience what happens when a fiery Miss and a cynical duke engage in a personal arrangement that triggers an unexpected romantic spark. 

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • Engaging, witty dialogue.
  • The romance is set against societal expectations.
  • Rooted upon an engaging Regency-era backdrop.


2. “Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake” by Sarah MacLean

Lady Calpurnia Hartwell finally decides to break the rules of society to land the love of her life.

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • A strong, relatable heroine challenging societal norms.
  • Romantic tension and passionate encounters.
  • A blend of humor and heart in a historical setting.


3. “The Season” by Sarah MacLean

Alexandra, Ellie, and Vivi navigate the London season, facing scandal, intrigue, and unexpected love.

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • Captivating tales of young women in society.
  • Scandal and romance intertwined.
  • The sparkling allure of London’s high society.


4. “The Duchess Deal” by Tessa Dare

A scarred duke and a determined dressmaker come together in a marriage of convenience that evolves into much more.

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • Witty banter that sparks romance.
  • Strong, unconventional female leads.
  • A dashing, brooding hero with a secret heart of gold.


5. “Slightly Married” by Mary Balogh

Aiden Bedwyn honors his promise to a dying soldier by offering protection to the man’s sister, leading to unexpected love.

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • Honor-bound promises leading to romance.
  • High society’s influence on personal relationships.
  • Strong characters finding love against the odds.


6. “Devil in Winter” by Lisa Kleypas

Evie Jenner’s desperate gamble to marry Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent, leads to love in unexpected places.

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • A marriage of convenience turned to true love.
  • A rake’s redemption through love.
  • The transformation of relationships through personal growth.


7. “The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever” by Julia Quinn

A young woman’s diary entries manifest into reality when she falls for her long-time crush, challenging both their futures.

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • The power of written words in courtship.
  • Friends to lovers trope.
  • The exploration of societal pressures and personal desires.


8. “A Knight in Shining Armor” by Jude Deveraux

Dougless Montgomery’s modern-day heartbreak leads her to a passionate adventure with a knight from the past.

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • Time-travel romance with a historical twist.
  • Strong, independent protagonists.
  • A mix of fantasy, history, and romance.


9. “Flowers from the Storm” by Laura Kinsale

A duke’s life changes forever when a Quaker woman becomes his guardian, leading them both on a path to unexpected love.

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • A love story that transcends societal roles.
  • Characters overcoming personal and social obstacles.
  • Deep emotional and moral challenges.


10. “Viscount in Love” by Eloisa James 

A determined spinster aims to disrupt the notorious viscount’s marriage plans, leading to an unexpected romantic entanglement.

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • Complex sibling dynamics are crucial to the plot.
  • Sharp and witty banters evolve into romance.
  • The authentic elegance of the Regency era backdrop.


11. “Slightly Wicked” by Mary Balogh 

Through a surprising turn of events, a rascal gentleman ends up falling for his best friend’s widow. 

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • Explores the intricacies of forbidden love and second chances.
  • Navigating high society’s rules when dealing with love.
  • Emotionally driven storytelling that highlights characters’ development.


12. “The Raven Prince” by Elizabeth Hoyt 

The exchange of letters between two isolated souls leads to an unanticipated proposal, challenging the notion of true love.

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • The significance of letters igniting romance.
  • Relationships that defy societal norms.
  • Combines humor, romance and profound emotional depth.


13. “It Happened One Autumn” by Lisa Kleypas

An American heiress sets her sights on a British lord, leading to a clash of wills and a passionate romance.

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • Cross-cultural romance entwined with societal expectations.
  • A battle of the sexes leading to love.
  • Lush historical settings and engaging secondary characters.


14. “The Book of Scandal” by Julia London 

A young woman’s journey to her wedding evolves into a narrative of missed opportunities and newfound love. 

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • Romantic predicaments that occur during a journey.
  • The struggle and pursuit of love amidst societal norms.
  • Engaging characters that readers can connect with.


15. “The Rogue of Fifth Avenue: Uptown Girls” by Joanna Shupe 

A random twist of fate brings a gallant gentleman and a woman of the night together, pushing the boundaries of societal norms and romance. 

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • A Cinderella-like narrative set against a historical backdrop.
  • The defiance of societal expectations to pursue love.
  • A passionate, emotionally charged love story.


16. “Dreaming of You” by Lisa Kleypas

An author and a notorious club owner are drawn together, revealing that love can rewrite the future.

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • Love stories that cross societal boundaries.
  • Strong, memorable protagonists.
  • The power of love to change lives and destinies.


17. “The Earl Takes All” by Lorraine Heath

A tragic accident forces an earl to live a double life, complicating his relationship with his wife and his deceased brother’s fiancée.

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • Secrets and scandal rocking the nobility.
  • Deep emotional dilemmas and character development.
  • The pressure of societal expectations on personal choices.


18. “The Perks of Loving a Scoundrel” by Jennifer McQuiston

A sheltered young woman and a notorious scoundrel team up to solve a mystery, finding love along the way.

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • A mix of mystery and romance.
  • Unlikely alliances forming deep connections.
  • The exploration of love beyond first impressions.


19. “Lady Sophia’s Lover” by Lisa Kleypas

Sophia Sydney seeks revenge but finds love with a man she intended to destroy, exposing both to unforeseen danger and desire.

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • A journey from vengeance to love.
  • The complexities of trust within relationships.
  • Engaging in a world of intrigue and high stakes.


20. “Mine Till Midnight” by Lisa Kleypas

Amelia Hathaway discovers that managing her family’s affairs in Regency society leads her to unexpected passion.

Elements in common with Bridgerton:

  • A focus on family dynamics within the historical setting.
  • The challenges of societal expectations on romance.
  • Strong, spirited heroines finding love on their terms.


In conclusion, if the wit, romance, and societal intrigues of “Bridgerton” have captured your heart, these 20 historical romances are sure to enthrall and sweep you off your feet.

Each book promises a journey into a world filled with passion, scandal, and the quest for love against the backdrop of glittering high society.

So, pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, find a cozy spot, and prepare to dive into your next unforgettable love story!


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