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20 Heart-Fluttering Books to Read If You Loved “After”

Fall in Love Again With These Riveting Books Similar to "After"
by The Blinkist Team | Apr 4 2024

20 Romance Books Like After - Continue the Love Journey

“After” by Anna Todd has become a cornerstone for readers who adore intense romance entangled with challenges and passionate encounters. Following the tumultuous relationship between Tessa and Hardin, its raw emotionality and captivating narrative have left many yearning for similarly heart-stirring stories.

If you find yourself longing for more tales of passionate, complex love affairs that navigate through trials and tribulations, then you’ve landed in the perfect spot. Here’s a list of 20 books that will rekindle the flame in your heart with stories as compelling and romantic as “After.”

Top 20 best books to read if you liked “After” by Anna Todd


1. “Beautiful Disaster” by Jamie McGuire

Abby Abernathy’s attempt to maintain her wholesome image crumbles when she meets Travis Maddox, leading to an intense and fiery relationship.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • A bad boy protagonist with a complicated past.
  • A tumultuous relationship that challenges both characters.
  • An addictive, emotional rollercoaster of a narrative.


2. “Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover

Tate Collins and Miles Archer’s no-strings-attached arrangement begins to evolve into something deeper, revealing painful pasts and heartfelt emotions.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • A complicated love story with deep emotional conflicts.
  • Characters grappling with their past traumas.
  • A heart-wrenching narrative that keeps you hooked.


3. “The Deal” by Elle Kennedy

Hannah Wells and Garrett Graham strike an unexpected deal that leads them to explore a relationship they never anticipated.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • College setting with relatable life challenges.
  • Characters with distinct personalities growing closer.
  • A mix of sweet and steamy romantic developments.


4. “Thoughtless” by S.C. Stephens

Kiera’s relationship is tested when she finds herself deeply attracted to her boyfriend’s best friend, leading to a heart-wrenching love triangle.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • An intense love triangle stirring deep emotions.
  • Moral complexities and personal growth.
  • Engaging narrative that delves into fidelity and desire.


5. “Rule” by Jay Crownover

Shaw Landon’s secret love for bad boy Rule Archer is full of obstacles, misunderstandings, and intense moments that challenge their futures.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • The allure of opposites attracting.
  • The growth of characters through trials.
  • A storyline filled with passion and conflict.


6. “On Dublin Street” by Samantha Young

Jocelyn Butler’s move to Edinburgh leads her into a passionate relationship with Braden Carmichael, where both navigate through their dark pasts to find love.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • Intense romantic development with emotional depth.
  • Characters dealing with past traumas.
  • A setting that enriches the narrative’s romantic dynamic.


7. “Wait for You” by J. Lynn

Avery Morgansten’s fresh start in college takes an unexpected turn when she meets Cameron Hamilton, unfolding a story of healing and love.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • A college romance filled with secrets and revelations.
  • Love helping to heal past wounds.
  • Engaging, emotionally charged storytelling.


8. “Easy” by Tammara Webber

Jacqueline Wallace’s life takes a new direction when she’s rescued by Lucas Maxwell, sparking an intense, yet complicated, love story.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • A heroine overcoming personal traumas with the help of love.
  • A protective, mysterious male protagonist.
  • A narrative exploring trust and love’s power to heal.


9. “Slammed” by Colleen Hoover

Layken Cohen’s unexpected attraction to her neighbor, Will Cooper, leads to a whirlwind of emotional and poetic romance, marred by unforeseen obstacles.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • Young love faced with challenging circumstances.
  • The significance of poetry and art in connecting characters.
  • Deep emotional engagement and plot twists.


10. “Perfect Chemistry” by Simone Elkeles

Brittany Ellis and Alex Fuentes’ relationship starts as a forced partnership but develops into a deep bond challenging their preconceived notions.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • A romance that defies societal expectations.
  • Characters from different worlds finding common ground.
  • A storyline that addresses cultural and social issues.


11. “Leaving Paradise” by Simone Elkeles

Caleb Becker and Maggie Armstrong’s lives intertwine in complicated ways after Caleb returns from juvenile detention, revealing untold truths and sparking unexpected feelings.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • Love emerging amidst personal and communal challenges.
  • The quest for forgiveness and second chances.
  • Emotional depth and a compelling romantic storyline.


12. “Fallen Too Far” by Abbi Glines

Blaire Wynn finds herself entangled with her new stepbrother Rush Finlay, leading to a passionate affair filled with secrets that could tear them apart.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • A forbidden romance with high stakes.
  • Deep family secrets impacting relationships.
  • Intense, addictive narrative drawing readers into the drama.


13. “Hush, Hush” by Becca Fitzpatrick

Nora Grey’s attraction to the mysterious Patch Cipriano unveils a world of fallen angels and forbidden love, filled with dangers and irresistible bonds.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • A supernatural twist adding complexity to the romance.
  • The lure of a mysterious, dangerous love interest.
  • A heroine navigating love and dark revelations.


14. “Paper Princess” by Erin Watt

Ella Harper’s survival in a world of wealth, power, and privilege depends on her relationship with the Royals, especially the troubled Reed Royal.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • A protagonist thrust into a new, challenging world.
  • Complex dynamics within family and love interests.
  • A blend of drama, romance, and personal growth.


15. “The Edge of Never” by J.A. Redmerski

Camryn Bennett and Andrew Parrish’s spontaneous road trip leads them to an unexpected, life-changing love, marking a journey of self-discovery and emotional healing.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • A journey of emotional and physical exploration.
  • Deep connections formed through shared experiences.
  • Characters confronting their pasts and fears through love.


16. “Bared to You” by Sylvia Day

Eva Tramell and Gideon Cross’s attempt at a passionate but straightforward affair becomes complicated as their traumatic pasts intertwine, demanding more from them both emotionally and physically.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • A steamy and intense romantic connection.
  • The exploration of healing within a relationship.
  • A narrative rich in emotional turmoil and growth.


17. “Wallbanger” by Alice Clayton

Caroline Reynolds’ sleepless nights due to her noisy neighbor turn into an unexpected, humorous yet steamy exploration of attraction and love.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • Humor intertwined with a growing romantic relationship.
  • Chemistry that evolves from annoyance to attraction.
  • A fresh and engaging take on modern romance.


18. “Fixed on You” by Laurelin Paige

Alayna Wither’s obsession with Hudson Pierce turns into a complex relationship that explores the fine line between love and fixation, with both characters confronting their darkest tendencies.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • An intense, obsessive love story.
  • Characters dealing with personal demons within their relationship.
  • A narrative populated with emotional depth and psychological insight.


19. “Maybe Someday” by Colleen Hoover

Sydney and Ridge’s mutual love for music blossoms into an intricate romance complicated by existing relationships and commitments, challenging their integrity and desire.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • Love blossoming from shared passions and creativity.
  • A romance riddled with moral dilemmas.
  • An emotionally stirring storyline that captivates readers.


20. “Sweet Filthy Boy” by Christina Lauren

Mia Holland’s impulsive trip to Vegas leads to an unexpected love with Ansel Guillaume, pushing her to explore desires and a life she never imagined.

Elements in common with “After”:

  • A whirlwind romance that transforms the protagonist’s life.
  • Passionate encounters leading to deeper emotional connections.
  • The excitement and challenges of navigating a new relationship.

In summary, once you complete reading “After,” you can replace it with any of these captivating stories about love, passion, and the intricacies of relationships. These books offer emotionally charged narratives that will keep you engaged from beginning to end, whether it’s the attraction of a forbidden romance, the therapeutic power of love, or the heartbreak of a love triangle.

So, indulge in these stories and allow the journey of exploration, love, and personal growth to continue. Happy reading!


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