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Blinkist vs. Uptime: Which Book Summary Service is Right for You?

Discover the ultimate showdown between Blinkist and Uptime, two leading book summary services. Uncover the differences, features, and benefits of each platform to help you make an informed decision. Find out which service will elevate your reading experience and provide you with the most valuable book insights.
by Chris Allmer | Jul 23 2023

We all love to read, but let’s face it, life is like a race these days, and finding a cozy corner to read a whole book feels like a mission. But guess what? Blinkist and Uptime have our backs! They’re like superheroes in the reading world.

Imagine Blinkist and Uptime as awesome friends who read books for you and then tell you all the cool stuff in a short version. Both book summary platforms take big, chunky books and turn them into tiny packages of awesomeness.

These summaries are designed to give you the most important ideas and knowledge from a book without the need to read the entire thing. So, you can learn about a new book before you buy it in a short amount of time or just quickly learn the newest theories of the world’s greatest thinkers.

Blinkist vs. Uptime: What They Have in Common

Blinkist and Uptime are like special helpers that make reading easier for you. Both are made for folks who love books but are running against the clock. Let’s see how they are similar.

Firstly, these services make big books small! Imagine taking a large cake and squeezing it into a bite-sized piece that still has all the flavors. That’s what Blinkist and Uptime do with books. They take out the best parts and main ideas so that you can know what a book is about without having to read it all.

Now, imagine a library that fits in your pocket. Both Blinkist and Uptime have thousands of book summaries. It’s like carrying a mini-library everywhere you go. The best part? You can either read these summaries or listen to them, which is great if you want to learn something new while doing other stuff.

Here’s another cool thing: these services help you taste-test a book. It’s like trying a bit of a snack before buying the whole pack. If a book summary tastes good to your brain, you can decide to read the entire book later.

We’ve put together a list of what both Blinkist and Uptime have to offer. This will help you pick the one that fits like a glove for your reading and learning style.

Table comparing main features

Blinkist Uptime
Content Library 6,500+ pieces of content
Including books (fiction and non-fiction), Guides, collections, and Shortcasts
2,500+ non-fiction books
Subscription Mode Basic and Premium Basic and Premium
Trial Free 7-day trial Free 7-day trial
Free Plan One free daily pick and access to selected collections One free ‘hack’ per day, chosen by Uptime
Premium Subscription
  • Unlimited access to the entire library
  • Exclusive expert guides, collections, and short casts
  • Download titles for offline access
  • Send reads to Kindle
  • 2 for 1, share premium account for free
  • Unlimited access to the entire library
  • Visual explainers, challenges, and collections
  • Download titles for offline access
Unique Features
  • Blinkist Spaces: share, recommend, and discuss titles with anyone
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Guides with activities and infographics
  • Ability to highlight and save key insights
  • Offers interactive quizzes
  • Ability to highlight and save key insights (hacks)
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Online-courses and documentaries
  • IOS and Android mobile devices
  • Desktop
  • Kindle integration
  • Offline access (premium users)
IOS and Android mobile devices
  • The annual plan costs $99.99 per year
  • The monthly plan is $15.99
  • The annual plan costs $79.99 per year
  • The monthly plan is $19.99
Refund Policy 14-day money-back guarantee N/A
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • App Store 4.8 (111.4K reviews).
  • Google Play 4.6 (103K reviews)
  • App Store 4.8 (2.4K reviews).
  • Google Play 4.3 (3.7K reviews)


Content Selection: Blinkist Has the Most Extensive Library With Over 6,500 Titles

One of the most significant differences between Blinkist and Uptime is the size of their libraries. Blinkist has a massive collection of over 6,500 bite-sized pieces of content, covering everything from business to self-help, psychology, and even fiction. Talk about variety!

Uptime, although having a smaller library with just around 2,500 books, casts a wider net by encompassing documentaries and online courses as well. It gives you different tools in one package. What sets Uptime apart is its format—the espresso shot of knowledge. With just 5 minutes per summary, it’s perfect for those with a very fast-paced lifestyle who want to quickly sift through diverse pieces of content.

On the other side, Blinkist brings a more curated experience to the table. With its extensive library of more than 6,500 book summaries, Blinkist concentrates on delivering rich and more in-depth content that typically lasts around 15 minutes. It’s similar to slowly savoring a gourmet meal, where storytelling elements provide a more immersive experience. This is ideal for those who want to delve a bit deeper without committing to the full-length material.

Quality of the Content: Blinkist Offers More Comprehensive and Accurate Summaries; It’s Like a Tasty Coffee

Imagine Uptime as a fast-food spot. You zip in, grab a tasty snack, and zip out. You get a little bite that’s quick and gives you an idea of what the whole meal might taste like. Uptime’s content is super short—about 5 minutes. It’s great if you’re rushing and just want a quick taste of a book, documentary, or online course.

Now think of Blinkist as a cozy café where you sit down and enjoy your coffee, it’s tastier and fills you up more. Blinkist takes around 15 minutes to tell you about a book, but it does it in a way that’s like telling a mini-story. It’s more detailed, and you feel like you’ve really sunk your teeth into something good.

So, if you’re hungry for a speedy snack of knowledge, Uptime is like your fast-food fix. If you have a little more time and want something that feels heartier, then Blinkist is like a tasty coffee at a café.

Blinkist vs Uptime: App Interface and Ease of Use

When choosing an app, especially something like Blinkist or Uptime where you’ll be reading or listening to summaries, the interface and ease of use are super important. You want the app to be your buddy, not a puzzle you can’t solve.

Comparing Blinkist and Uptime regarding their app interfaces and ease of use, both platforms are user-friendly and straightforward. However, one of the significant distinctions is that Blinkist is available on both mobile and desktop, while Uptime only offers a mobile version.

With Blinkist, users can effortlessly add titles to their library, allowing Blinkist to generate personalized recommendations based on their preferences. This feature makes discovering new titles to learn from and enjoy a breeze.

The Blinkist app boasts an intuitive design, with a home bar and only three tabs to navigate: Discover, Library, and You. Its library tab is particularly remarkable; it includes the possibility to create collections and organize their favorite titles.

On the other hand, Uptime offers users a daily progress tracker to help them stay motivated in their learning journey. 

What Are the Key Differences Between Blinkist and Uptime

Blinkist’s Unique Features 

Blinkist Spaces

Blinkist Premium users can create group spaces within the app to add, share, and recommend titles from the library. Imagine having a virtual book club where you can invite friends, family, or colleagues, and members can exchange recommendations. 

Blinkist Guides

Blinkist has recently introduced a new content format, Guides, designed to provide practical insights and actionable tips on specific topics. Led by experts and thought leaders in their respective fields, each Guide contains a combination of original audio content, Blinks, and Shortcasts, as well as additional resources such as exercises, infographics, or quizzes to help users apply and retain what they’ve learned.

Users can choose to listen to a Guide from the beginning or scroll through the chapters to start where they prefer. At the end of each chapter, a quick recap of the key idea is provided, along with a summary of the entire Guide at the end. Guides offer a comprehensive and engaging way to learn about various topics, focusing on practical application and knowledge retention.

Uptime’s Unique Features

5-minutes Summaries

Uptime squishes their books or course summaries into tiny bites that you can gobble up in seconds. You can get a quick overview of a topic in 5 minutes. Alongside books, you’ll also find documentaries, online courses, and quizzes. With plenty of images and graphics, it’s like flipping through a picture book.


With Sparks Uptime offers you a way to bookmark your favorite lessons, so you don’t lose track of your progress.  

In the Battle of Blinkist vs Uptime, Let’s See Who’s Worth It

Both apps have similar pricing structures, with free and paid versions available. The free plan gives you access to one book or hack per day, and both apps offer a 7-day free trial for unlimited content access. 

Blinkist‘s annual plan costs $99.99 per year, while the monthly plan is $15.99. The yearly plan offers significant savings over the monthly plan. 

Uptime’s annual plan costs $79.99 per year, and the monthly plan is $17.99.

Blinkist Premium grants unlimited access to the entire library, exclusive guides, collections, and short casts (audio summaries). Premium users can also download titles for offline access and send reads to Kindle. 

Moreover, Blinkist lets subscribers invite one person to share their Premium plan at no extra cost. Sharing is caring! With Blinkist’s 2-for-1 offer and its vast collection of titles, it’s clear that Blinkist offers a very affordable way to access high-quality book summaries.

Blinkist vs Uptime: The Conclusion and Final Recommendation

After zooming through the world of book summaries with Blinkist and Uptime, it’s time to sum things up.

Blinkist is like that wise storyteller friend who, while being concise, enjoys painting a picture with words. With its wide collection and 15-minute in-depth summaries, it’s perfect for those who like to savor the essence of a book while still saving time. Plus, if you’re an audiobook fan, Blinkist has a side dish of full-length audiobooks waiting for you.

On the other hand, Uptime is like that buddy who’s always in turbo mode. In just 5 minutes, it gives you a packed taste of books, documentaries, and courses. Both offer free trials; just check them out and see what fits you best.

If you’re interested in giving Blinkist a try, we encourage you to head over to our website and subscribe today. And the best part? You will enjoy a 7-day free trial, so you can experience the benefits of Blinkist for yourself before committing to a subscription. So, why wait? Sign up today and start your Blinkist journey.

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