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Blinkist vs Deepstash: Which App is Your Best Buddy for Quick Learning?

Blinkist vs Deepstash: Which app will be crowned the king of quick learning? Whether you’re a book lover or a wisdom snacker, our showdown uncovers which app will be your ultimate reading buddy!
by Chris Allmer | Jul 26 2023

So, you want to learn cool stuff but don’t have tons of time, right? Don’t worry! Blinkist and Deepstash are here to save the day. These apps squeeze big books and articles into tiny, tasty bites of knowledge.

But which one is better? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at both and compare them in terms of library size, content quality, user interface, features, and pricing.

Blinkist vs. Deepstash and What They Have in Common

Blinkist and Deepstash are both designed to help you learn and grow in a short amount of time. They condense non-fiction books and articles into digestible formats, allowing you to consume meaningful content quickly.

Both platforms are available on iOS and Android and have a web version, making it convenient for you to access them anytime, anywhere. Let’s take a closer look at their features, so you can make a well-educated decision and find the platform that fits your style and learning needs.

Blinkist Deepstash
Content Library 6,500+ pieces of content
Including books (fiction and non-fiction), Guides, collections, and Shortcasts
200k+ ideas of books, articles, podcasts, or videos
Subscription Mode Basic and Premium Basic and Premium
Trial Free 7-day trial Free 7-day trial
Free Plan One free daily pick and access to selected collections One free 1-minute idea a day
Premium Subscription
  • Unlimited access to the entire library
  • Exclusive expert guides, collections, and Shortcasts
  • Download titles for offline access
  • Send reads to Kindle
  • 2 for 1, share premium account for free
  • Unlimited access to 4,500+ topics and 200k ideas
  • Unlimited idea saving
  • Download titles for offline access
  • Idea cards, readable in under a minute
Unique Features
  • Blinkist Spaces:  share, recommend and discuss titles with anyone
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Guides with activities and infographics
  • Ability to highlight and save key insights
  • Community interaction
  • Share ideas with friends
  • Personalized recommendations
  • IOS and Android mobile devices
  • Desktop
  • Kindle integration
  • Offline access (premium users)
  • IOS and Android mobile devices
  • Desktop
  • Offline access
  • The annual plan costs $99.99 per year
  • The monthly plan is $15.99
The annual plan costs $89.99 per year
Refund Policy 14-day money-back guarantee N/A
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • App Store 4.8 (111.4K reviews).
  • Google Play 4.6 (103K reviews)
  • App Store 4.5 (3.3K reviews).
  • Google Play 4.5 (84.4K reviews)


Blinkist vs. Deepstash: What Is the Content Like?

Let’s get real: putting Blinkist against Deepstash in a game isn’t totally fair. These two pals work in very different ways. Sure, they both want to zip through content superfast. But here’s the scoop:

Blinkist is like a ninja that slices big books into little nuggets. You can gobble up the best bits in just 15 minutes by reading or listening.

Deepstash is more like a speedy squirrel gathering nuts of wisdom. It goes through content and gives you zippy sentences, kind of like quotes. You can zoom through them in less than a minute.

So, Blinkist is like a book whiz, and Deepstash is more like a social butterfly when it comes to content.

Quality of the Content: Blinkist Offers More Comprehensive and Accurate Summaries

With years of experience (11 to be precise) and a team of expert curators, Blinkist offers book summaries of superior quality. Think of Blinkist as serving you a delicious main course.

They carefully pick the juiciest bits of books and cook them into tasty 15-minute summaries. Additionally, Blinkist pays special attention to the narrators of their audio versions, ensuring that they are talented and engaging speakers who bring the content to life.

Deepstash, on the other hand, is like your go-to place for snacks. Imagine little wisdom nuggets that you can munch on the go. Deepstash serves you bite-sized sentences and quotes summarizing articles, books, or videos. The content is, therefore, lighter and quicker to digest.

App Interface and Ease of Use

Comparing Blinkist and Deepstash regarding their app interfaces and ease of use, both platforms are user-friendly and straightforward. 

With Blinkist, users can effortlessly add titles to their library, allowing Blinkist to generate personalized recommendations based on their preferences. This feature makes discovering new titles to learn from and enjoy a breeze.

The Blinkist app boasts an intuitive design, with a home bar and only three tabs to navigate: Discover, Library, and You. Its library tab is particularly remarkable; it includes the possibility to create collections and organize their favorite titles.

Blinkist is neat and easy, like a tidy room. Finding and reading books is a breeze. Deepstash is also clean but loves to party with social features. You can chat and share your 1-minute ideas with other users.

Key Differences Between Blinkist and Depstash

Blinkist’s Unique Features 

Blinkist Spaces

Blinkist Premium users can create group spaces within the app to add, share, and recommend titles from the library. Imagine having a virtual book club where you can invite friends, family, or colleagues, and members can exchange recommendations. 

Blinkist Guides

Blinkist has recently introduced a new content format, Guides, designed to provide practical insights and actionable tips on specific topics. Led by experts and thought leaders in their respective fields, each Guide contains a combination of original audio content, Blinks, and Shortcasts, as well as additional resources such as exercises, infographics, or quizzes to help users apply and retain what they’ve learned.

Users can choose to listen to a Guide from the beginning or scroll through the chapters to start where they prefer. At the end of each chapter, a quick recap of the key idea is provided, along with a summary of the entire Guide at the end. Guides offer a comprehensive and engaging way to learn about various topics, focusing on practical application and knowledge retention.

Deepstash’s Unique Features

Idea Cards

Deepstash chops up information into super-quick reads called idea cards. Those are short two-liners that summarize the main ideas of books, articles, or videos to make them easy to read and digest.

Make friends

You can save, heart, share ideas you like, and make friends with other users.

The Pricing of Blinkist and Deepstash: Which App Is Worth the Most?

Both apps have similar pricing structures, with free and paid versions available. The free plan gives you access to one book or idea per day, and both apps offer a 7-day free trial for unlimited content access. 

Blinkist‘s annual plan costs $99.99 per year, while the monthly plan is $15.99. The yearly plan offers significant savings over the monthly plan. 

Deepstash’s annual plan costs $89.99 per year. 

Blinkist Premium grants unlimited access to the entire library, exclusive guides, collections, and shortcasts. Premium users can also download titles for offline access and send reads to Kindle. 

Moreover, Blinkist lets subscribers invite one person to share their Premium plan at no extra cost. Sharing is caring! With Blinkist’s 2-for-1 offer and its vast collection of titles, Blinkist offers a much more affordable way to access high-quality book summaries.

Blinkist vs. Deepstash: The Conclusion and Final Recommendation

Ultimately, if you’re craving a broader range of topics and extra features, Blinkist is your perfect match. Blinkist’s more extensive content library, a diverse range of topics, exclusive features like short casts and guides, and the option to share a Premium plan with another person make it a strong contender for many users. If you like book snacks and listening, pick Blinkist. If you love quick reads and chatting, Deepstash is your buddy.

If you’re interested in giving Blinkist a try, we encourage you to head over to our website and subscribe today. And the best part? You will enjoy a 7-day free trial, so you can experience the benefits of Blinkist for yourself before committing to a subscription. So, why wait? Sign up today and start your Blinkist journey.

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