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4 mins

How To Live Happier And Healthier With Mindfulness And Meditation

What do people talk about when they talk about mindfulness? Find out the answer to this question & more in the first installment of our 2-part podcast special.
by Ben Schuman-Stoler | Mar 24 2017

In honor of #MindfulMarch, we have two short special editions of the podcast to share. The first one is a Blinkist Primer, according to the top nonfiction books on mindfulness.

Caitlin and I went through Blinkist’s new Mindfulness and Happiness category and the “Be More Mindful in 2017” curated reading list and plucked out the most essential info from top non-fiction books on mindfulness to answer the following questions:

1. What do people talk about when they talk about mindfulness?
2. Why are all these people suddenly talking about it?
3. How can I get the benefits others get from it?
4. How do other people practice it?
5. What do the skeptics say?
6. Can I hear what Ben would sound like if he was my personal spiritual podcast guru? (Just kidding. Sort of.)

The idea is that after this 20 minutes – or 10 if you listen at 2x speed, you podcast fanatics out there I see you! – you’ll know what everyone’s talking about in the whole mindfulness craze, and you’ll know how to apply it to your own life and understand why everyone keeps talking about it.

Simple as that. Have a listen.

Interview highlights:

On the definition:

“Mindfulness is nothing more than a catch-all term to describe the idea of paying more attention, consciously. It’s being more aware, more conscious of the things you’re doing, of your thoughts, and so on. It’s not complicated!”

On the trend

“Nobody would be talking about it this much unless it was making a positive difference in people’s lives, like people actually benefit and benefiting.”

On the effect

“Mindfulness techniques let people engage better with their emotions and makes them happier and healthier.”


Here are all the books we mentioned in the podcast on Blinkist:

That excellent intro and outro music you heard is by Nico Guiang. You can find more of it on SoundCloud and Facebook.

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