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Blinkist joins forces with Go1 to create new offerings that serve the whole learner

Go1 has acquired Blinkist, marking a significant milestone for both organizations.
by Blinkist Press Team | May 8 2023

Blinkist has joined forces with Go1 to create new offerings which serve the whole learner. As a leader in learning and development, Go1’s open platform gives the world’s largest companies and their employees access to high-quality education and training in a single solution. With this acquisition, Go1 lays the groundwork for a new and innovative model of lifelong learning that aims to engage learners in their everyday lives, both professionally and personally.

The combination of Go1 and Blinkist offers something not replicated in any corner of the corporate learning market: an experience of ongoing learning that serves professional goals while being personally engaging,” said Andrew Barnes, co-CEO of Go1.

Together, the companies will holistically serve the learner and create a model which is unmatched in the market.

By joining forces, the companies plan to accelerate the growth of the Blinkist for Business product and leverage Blinkist’s expertise in engaging learners outside of work.

We started Blinkist as a service for learners but saw growing interest from companies in recent years. Combining forces with Go1 lets us capitalize on this trend and establish Blinkist as a strong addition to companies’ learning mix while continuing to grow our consumer brand,” said Holger Seim, CEO of Blinkist.

We’re thrilled with Go1’s acquisition of Blinkist,” said Thilo Semmelbauer, managing director at Insight Partners. “Blinkist’s mobile content and product will expand the learning opportunities already available to Go1’s tens of millions of customers and create a powerful pair with Go1’s corporate learning offering. We’re excited for what’s to come.

Under the direction of Holger Seim, who will become Go1’s new COO, Learners, the Blinkist team will focus on Learners, under the Blinkist brand name, and continue to grow its consumer-focused service globally out of Berlin.

Both teams are energized and proud to join forces!



About Go1
Go1 is the world’s learning content expert, aggregating content from top providers to deliver high-quality education and training across a range of industries and topics. Over 8 million learners from over 60 countries use Go1 to access curated, personalized training, and skills development courses in the formats that best suit them – all in a single solution. Home to a vast library of 80,000 courses through over 350 content partners, Go1 is a Y Combinator 2023 Top Company, an SAP Partner with an SAP Endorsed App, and an EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award Nominee. Key investors include Seek, Softbank, M12 (Microsoft’s Venture Capital Arm), Madrona Venture Group, and AirTree Ventures as well as Blinkist investors including Insight Partners, Greycroft, Headline, IBB Venture, and MGO.

To learn more, visit


About Blinkist
Blinkist connects people with powerful ideas from leading authors and experts to broaden perspectives, gain knowledge, and spark understanding in all areas of their life, both personal and professional. Used by over 26 million people worldwide, Blinkist finds the most relevant, impactful books and podcasts and distills them down to their key ideas, which can be read or listened to in 15-minute explainers called Blinks.

In addition to individual learners, over 1,500 organizations around the globe have already chosen Blinkist for Business to empower their teams at their point of need—anytime, anywhere. To learn more, visit

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