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Blinkist Discount: Save 64% on Blinkist Premium

Discover the joy of learning with Blinkist Premium at a whopping 64% discount! Grab this incredible deal and absorb thousands of book summaries in just 15 minutes!
by Chris Allmer | Jun 2 2024



Life’s hectic. Juggling work, family, and personal growth can leave little time for those stacks of books you’ve been meaning to read.

But what if you could absorb the essence of all these books in just a fraction of the time? And what if you could do it for super cheap?

Get 64% off Blinkist Premium

Step into a New Era of Learning with Your Exclusive Blinkist Discount 

Dive headfirst into a knowledge frenzy with a whopping 64% off Blinkist Premium. That’s right, summaries of THOUSANDS of books at a fraction of the cost. No time to read? No problem!

Blinkist gives you the key ideas in just 15 minutes. Don’t miss out on this FLASH SALE! Time is ticking …

With Blinkist Premium you can explore Atomic Habits by James Clear to improve your habits or deep dive into the intricacies of human interaction with Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell.

You can even challenge yourself to grow personally with The Comfort Zone by Kristen Butler. With Blinkist, learning has never been more accessible or budget-friendly.

What is Included in the Blinkist Premium Subscription?

With Blinkist Premium, you get all the book summaries you want and the chance to read about all your favorite topics. If you’re not yet convinced of the vast value of a premium subscription, check out all the perks that come with it: 

Advantages of Blinkist’s Premium Subscriptions:

  • Unlimited access to 7,500+ top titles from 27 categories
  • Read or listen to
 the key ideas from books and podcasts on the web or the app
  • Get free access to Blinkist Guides, our deep dives into the most current topics
  • Collections tailored to your interests and personal goals
  • Download your favorite Blinks for offline access anywhere
  • Connect and learn 
with friends using
 shared Spaces
  • Highlight and save inspiring ideas from our Blinks
  • Send your selected reads to your Kindle 
  • With our 2-for-1 offer, share your premium subscription with a friend at no additional cost, maximizing the benefits of learning together.


Which Blinkist Subscription Suits You?

You can choose from two excellent value plans: the yearly subscription or the monthly subscription.

Remember, both offer a 2-for-1 option for plan sharing.

And now, with your Blinkist discount, you will even get a massive 64% discount on both the yearly AND the monthly plan.

Yes, you heard that right!

In our summer flash sale, you can get the biggest Blinkist discount of the year. Get this limited deal now!

Get 64% off Blinkist Premium

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