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The Blinkist Book Lists: How to Absorb Knowledge Fast

Busy life? No time for full books? Blinkist has you covered. Our curated book lists provide inspiration and structure to absorb key ideas from popular titles in just 15 minutes. With Blinkist, you'll grasp the essence of a book without the hours-long commitment. Create an account, start your free trial, choose a title, and dive into summaries. Unlock knowledge, one Blink at a time!
by Chris Allmer | Jun 19 2023
Blinkist Book List

A book a day keeps ignorance at bay. Who said that? We did!

Naturally, we know that you have a busy life and can’t possibly read a complete book every day, but we can help you absorb all the knowledge contained in a title in just 15 minutes daily and have made lovingly curated Blinkist book lists available to you for inspiration and structure in your quest for knowledge.

For the uninformed, this may seem impossible, but with Blinkist, reading the most voluminous tomes just got easier.

How Blinkist Works

Blinkist is a book summary app that allows you to “read” books without sitting down for hours on end. Blinkist presents brief summaries or podcasts of popular, insightful, and critically acclaimed nonfiction titles in 27 different categories of Blinkist book lists.

Instead of spending days flipping through the pages and getting bored or overwhelmed, you can just listen to a podcast or read the summary. Blinkist has stripped each text down to the key ideas and used them to make these brief summaries. Believe it or not, but in just 15 minutes, you will get all the key ideas that make those publications a big deal, and then you can apply this knowledge as if you had read the book from cover to cover.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a Blinkist Account
  • Subscribe to start your free trial
  • Search for a title in the search bar or browse through the numerous categories
  • Choose a title
  • Download the audio and start listening, or curl up with the summary

A Fun Way to “Read” a Book Every 15 Minutes

Let’s say you’ve bought some outstanding books recommended by a celebrity you admire. The first one is 300 pages long, but you have a 9-to-5 job, and you can only squeeze in 1 hour of reading time each day. It may take you days, weeks, or even months to complete reading that one book. Worse still, you may even abandon it midway if your schedule gets tougher.

So many people abandon books halfway for a variety of reasons, but now there’s a fun new way to read! Instead of taking many days to read a single book, you can now “read” it all in 15 minutes.

Sounds impossible, right? Well, the truth about non-fiction titles is that the key ideas matter the most, as this is what sticks in our mind after reading. This is why Blinkist extracts the most important, salient, and resounding points from the pages and turns them into fun blinks. So, all you have to do now is choose your favorite book, download the Blinkist app, and get started.

Now, reading doesn’t have to be boring and tedious anymore. You can listen to Blinks on your way to work, while doing chores, or even during your lunch break. Every 15 minutes, you can listen to the core ideas of a complete book and become more knowledgeable than you were a mere 15 minutes earlier.

How to Read a Book Summary

Reading a book summary is a quick and easy way to acquire all the pertinent information contained therein without reading the entire book.  Here’s a quick guide:

  • Skim through the summary: Don’t just start reading. Skim through the lines to familiarize yourself with the key ideas of the summary.
  • Read the introduction and conclusion: This may be necessary to give you a vivid impression of the author’s arguments.
  • Read through it carefully and focus on the main points. Sometimes, these points are boldly highlighted or italicized.
  • Take notes because you want the knowledge you just acquired to stay in your mind forever.

How Our Team Curates the Blinkist Book Lists

Our editorial team carefully monitors the nonfiction book market, researches trends, and always has an open ear for our members’ suggestions to ensure that the Blinkist book lists form a significant part of the current discourse.

We separate our book list into different categories according to readers’ interests. For instance, if you’re into business, we curated the most impactful business titles and divided them into the categories “Money & Investment” and “Management & Leadership”. These books will teach you everything you need to know if you want to grow your business. People in the sales department, on the other hand, will get all the knowledge they need to start closing more deals than they can handle by reading books from our “Marketing & Sales” category.

Parents who aim to raise wonderful kids and build a healthy family will find all the books they need in our Parenting Category. In the same vein, there are the categories politics, productivity, philosophy, history, and many others to choose from.

By sorting all of these titles into categories, Blinkist has made it easy for you to find related books that meet your requirements. You can work through them individually or make a playlist of your favorite books and start your journey toward acquiring limitless knowledge.

Find a Blinkist Book List That Is of Interest to You

There are more than 5,500 titles to choose from. The 27 categories include Blinkist book lists on Memoir & Biography, Career & Success, Economics, Education, History, Management & Leadership, Marketing & Sales, Parenting, Politics, and many more.

When you browse these lists, you will be sure to come across many titles that pique your interest, and you might even be tempted to work your way through an entire list. At 15 minutes per book, that’s a piece of cake!

Be Inspired by the Reading Lists of Successful People

Blinkist also gives you insight into the books that made successful people who they are. In our Blinkist magazine, you will find recommendations from the people you admire and want to emulate. For instance, Elon Musk’s reading list will give you an insight into how Elon thinks and the virtues that made him successful. On the list of Dave Ramsey’s favorites, you will find all the books that form the bedrock of his teachings in financial literacy and wealth building. And Mark Cuban’s book recommendations are a reflection of his take on business and entrepreneurship, to name but a few.

Take a look at the articles in the Blinkist magazine to see which other notable personalities have shared their reading lists with us. And there are more to come, so it’s worthwhile checking in every now and again!

Put Your Favorite Content on Blinkist via the Wishlist!

With Blinkist, you’re invited to be one of our curators. Your options are not limited only to being a consumer of knowledge. On the contrary! Feel free to suggest books you want to see on the app via our wishlist. If enough other readers vote for this title, it will be added to our repertoire.

Be a Blinkist Book List Star: Blinkist for Authors

If you’re an author, then this is your chance to reach a wider audience. Contact us to discuss how to get your book listed on Blinkist and join the Blinkist family to help book lovers discover your work, raise your profile, and promote sales.

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