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Blinkist Black Friday Sale: Get Blinkist Premium for 75% off!

We have a special Black Friday deal just for you: Get Blinkist Premium for $22.49 this year!
by Robyn S. Kerkhof | Nov 23 2022

Hi everyone, we have a special deal for you for Black Friday. You can now save 75% on our Blinkist premium membership and only pay $22.49 instead of $89.99 for the next 12 months! You can’t wait to get this deal? Head over here!

Get Blinkist Premium for just $22.49 this year

Blinkist Black Friday Deal

What is Blinkist Premium?

With Blinkist Premium, you get access to everything we have! Enjoy:

  • unlimited access to 5,500+ bestselling nonfiction titles (most of them have a high-quality audioversion!)
  • member-only insights from podcasts
  • Sending reads to Amazon Kindle

Oh, and did we mention that your Blinkist premium comes with a free seat for a friend or family member?!

You want to know more about our plans? Find all facts on our plans here.

Where can I get the Black Friday Deal?

You are just a few clicks away from our special offer. Just follow the link and buy the deal now!

Get Blinkist Premium for just $22.49 this year

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