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The Best Books for New Moms on Blinkist – Congratulations!

Becoming a mom can be quite stressful. Browse through the list of best books for new moms and find all the answers to your questions and anxieties. We will help you through this time. Enjoy this list and find your new approach to becoming the parent your kid wants you to be.
by Chris Allmer | Jun 19 2023
The Best Books for New Moms

Many women look forward to becoming a mother. The anticipation of experiencing the birth of their child grows exponentially when she gives birth and holds her infant for the first time. The journey of motherhood is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also be overwhelming. That’s why the best books for new moms provide guidance on how to navigate through the ups and downs.

As a new mom, you will find yourself suffering from sleepless nights, postpartum recovery, and adjusting to the baby’s feeding schedule and constant diaper changes. All of these can be exhausting. It gets even worse when your baby starts to cry incessantly, and you can’t seem to figure out how to appease them.

To help you through this confusing stage of your life, we have put together this compilation of the best books for new moms. These motherhood books will teach you everything you need to know to make your child-bearing and nurturing journey as seamless as it can be.

Happy Baby, Happy Life

Motherhood is only enjoyable when the baby is happy. If your baby is sad, sick, or cries incessantly, you will always be worried and unhappy. One of the greatest challenges of raising an infant is the problem of communication. When dealing with adults or even toddlers, communication is easier. At least, some toddlers can speak and tell you what they want at any moment, but babies cannot. Instead, they’d cry and wail until you figure it out yourself.

The best books for new moms are books that teach them how to understand their baby’s needs and read their non-verbal cues. They also teach them what to expect at each stage of pregnancy and child-raising, so that unforeseen events don’t stress them even more.

The following publications are, what we think, the best books for new moms:

2. Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman

In Bringing Up Bébé Pamela Druckerman shares the experience from her observation of kids raised in Paris. She discovered that these French children are more well-behaved, cooperative, and less stressful to handle than American children. The author compares the American approach to raising kids to the French style in different facets including discipline, sleep training, eating habits, and independence. She found that the French approach is more structured and laid-back, unlike the American system, which is child-centric and more intensive.

The author argues that French cultural values like teaching children patience, self-control, and respect for authority, at an early age, contribute to raising well-behaved kids.

2. The Happy Kid Handbook by Katie Hurley

As we earlier stated, a happy child makes a happy home. Parents are always overwhelmed with the responsibilities involved in raising children that they forget that the most important thing is to raise happy kids. In this eye-opening parenting book, Katie Hurley teaches parents how to raise happy, healthy, and resilient kids.

The Happy Kid Handbook covers a wide range of parenting issues including emotional intelligence, resilience, self-esteem, communication skills, discipline, social skills, and managing stress and anxiety. The author also emphasizes the need for parents to teach their kids emotional intelligence skills like self-awareness, empathy, and emotional regulation. She also uses anecdotes, case studies, and real-life examples to illustrate how parents can apply the principles written in the book.

3. Why Love Matters by Sue Gerhardt

Why Love Matters explains the relationship between a children’s brain development and the amount of love that is shown to them. Drawing from her experience as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, Gerhardt establishes that early parent-infant bond and affection influences brain development.

The book also explores the role of healthy attachment with the primary caregiver in the emotional and social development of the baby. It also demonstrates the effects of trauma, stress, and other adverse childhood experiences on brain development.

4. Good Inside by Becky Kennedy

In Good Inside, Becky Kennedy teaches parents the importance of raising their kids with empathy. Apart from teaching parents the rudiments of nurturing a healthy and emotionally intelligent child, this book also attends to the needs of parents who are exhausted and worn out with the heavy responsibilities of raising a child.

Good Inside shows a different way of parenting that focuses on connecting with kids instead of correcting them. She argues that popular systems like time-outs and rewards charts are only useful for shaping behavior, but are unable to actually raise humans or give them the skills they need to solve complex problems.

5. A New Way for Mothers by Louise Webster

Taking a pause in your career to raise your kids is one of the many hurdles of motherhood. While nurturing, some women have to become less productive in other areas of their lives. In A New Way for Mothers, Louise Webster offers a solution to this challenge. This book teaches women— and mothers in general— how to make optimal use of their other talents when their kids are at school.

This book provides a foolproof guide on how to achieve career fulfillment even when you’re your kid’s primary caregiver. It also offers some practical approaches for how women can unleash their talents and use them productively in their spare time.

Collections About Parenting on Blinkist

With Blinkist, the best books for new mothers are not limited to the ones highlighted on our list. You will find so many others in the Parenting Category on Blinkist. Here, you will find books that’ll teach you about other aspects of being a parent such as family planning, emotional intelligence, education and upbringing, family life, etc.

At Blinkist, the Knowledge App, we understand that the stress of motherhood may not afford you the time to read all of these books from page to page. This is why we have created short podcasts with the key ideas in these books. For example, take a look at The Modern Mothers Toolbox or The Single Parent Toolbox.

By listening to these podcasts, you will acquire all the knowledge contained in these books. These also allow you to cover all the best books for new moms within a short time. What are you waiting fort? Register now to get a 7-day free trial. See you on Blinkist.

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