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The Best Apps to Learn Spanish: Your Ultimate Guide

Speak Spanish like a pro! Discover top-rated apps (free & paid) to build vocabulary, master grammar, & converse with confidence: we have tried them all!
by Chris Allmer | Jun 17 2024
The Best Apps to Learn Spanish (Free & Paid)

Once upon a sunny mañana in the heart of bustling Barcelona, I found myself lost. Not just metaphorically, but literally lost—on the winding, cobblestone streets of this beautiful city.

Surrounded by nothing but vibrant colors, amazing aromas of food, and some holas and adióses.

And there I was, an eager young adventurer and language learner, but with a Spanish vocabulary as limited as my sense of direction.

But you know what saved me? Yes, of course, my phone. But it didn’t just show me the right directions; it was also my gateway to the best apps to learn Spanish. And believe me, I tried all of them. Here are my findings:

Conquer Spanish Like a Don: The Best Apps to Learn Spanish

Amigos, now buckle up! I’ve been on a whirlwind tour of the best Spanish learning apps, and let me tell you, the options are fantastic. Here’s the lowdown on the top 10, categorized by beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner.

Best Spanish Learning Apps for Beginners:

1. Duolingo

This gamified green owl is a classic for a reason. Short, engaging lessons and a fun point system make learning vocabulary and basic grammar feel like playing a game. It’s great for building a foundation, but for deeper grammar dives, you might need a sidekick app.

2. Memrise

Memrise uses quirky mnemonics and spaced repetition to turn vocabulary memorization into a memory palace party. It’s perfect for visual learners and anyone who wants to avoid rote memorization.

3. Busuu

Busuu focuses on practical conversation skills from the get-go. The AI pronunciation feedback is a lifesaver, helping you avoid those ñ-no mix-ups. It’s a solid choice for building confidence in spoken Spanish.

Spanish Learning Apps for Intermediate

1. Babbel 

This app offers clear, structured lessons that explain grammar concepts thoroughly. It’s like having a patient Spanish teacher in your pocket, perfect for building a strong foundation in all areas.

2. Lingopie

Craving a Spanish immersion experience? Look no further! Lingopie uses movies and TV shows to teach you Spanish naturally. You’ll be understanding native speakers in no time while enjoying your favorite shows.

3. Pimsleur

This audio-based approach is fantastic for busy bees on the go. You can learn practical Spanish conversations through spaced repetition techniques – perfect for mastering those essential phrases for everyday situations.

The Best Apps to Learn Spanish for “Avanzados”:

1. Lingvist

This AI-powered app is a vocabulary powerhouse. It personalizes your learning path based on your strengths and weaknesses, ensuring you focus on exactly what you need.

2. Tandem

Ready to unleash your Spanish skills on the real world? Tandem connects you with native speakers for conversation practice. Bonus points for the cultural exchange – you might even learn some cool slang!

3. HelloTalk

Similar to Tandem, HelloTalk offers language exchange with native speakers. It’s a fantastic option for practicing conversation and getting immediate feedback on your Spanish.

Bonus App:

1. FabuLingua

Traveling with the fam? FabuLingua makes learning Spanish a fun and interactive experience for kids. They’ll be singing Spanish songs and mastering basic phrases in no time!

The Comparison of the Best Apps to Learn Spanish

App Free Version Subscription Learning Style iOs Rating Best For
Duolingo Yes $6.99/ month Gamified Rating: 4.7 (2,647,723 reviews) Beginners
Memrise Yes $24.99/month Interactive, Mnemonics Rating: 4.8 (199,647 reviews) All Levels
Busuu Yes Premium: $9.98/month Conversation-focused, AI pronunciation Rating: 4.7 (80,589 reviews) Beginners
Babbel No $10.00/month Structured lessons, Grammar explanations Rating: 4.7 (581,101 reviews) Beginner-Intermediate
Lingopie No $36/month Immersive, Movies & TV shows Rating: 4 (145 reviews) Intermediate-Advanced
Pimsleur No $19.95/month Audio-based, Spaced repetition Rating: 4.7 (14,371 reviews) Beginner-Intermediate
Lingvist No $6.67/month AI-powered, Personalized learning Rating: 4.6 (3,050 reviews) Advanced
Tandem Yes $12/month Conversation practice, Language exchange Rating: 4.6 (28,710 reviews) Intermediate-Advanced
Cons Yes $6.99/month Conversation practice, Language exchange Rating: 4.6 (37,410 reviews) Intermediate-Advanced
Cons Yes Paid: ~$5.99/month Interactive, Fun & Engaging Rating: 4.6 (128 reviews) All Ages (Kids) – Learning basic Spanish in a fun way


And My Top Picks are:

For beginners on a budget, Duolingo + Memrise is a fantastic combo to build vocabulary and basic conversation skills.

For busy bees who want an immersive experience, Lingopie + Pimsleur is a winning duo.

For advanced learners who are looking for conversation practice and vocabulary mastery, Tandem + Lingvist is a perfect combination.

Bonus Tips on How to Learn Spanish

1. Supplement your app learning with real-life practice. 

Consider services like Verbling or italki, which connect you with native Spanish speakers for online tutoring sessions.

2. Immerse yourself in Spanish. 

Watch movies and TV shows, listen to music, and read books in Spanish. The more you expose yourself to the language, the faster you’ll learn.

3. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. 

Embrace the “embarrassment factor” – it’s part of the learning process!

4. Find a language exchange partner. 

There are many online platforms and local meetups where you can connect with native speakers and practice conversation.

5. Make it fun! 

Learning a language should be enjoyable. Choose activities you find engaging, and celebrate your progress along the way.

And if you are looking to level up your language skills fast, check out the article “3 Tips from a Language Learning Expert” for actionable advice on becoming fluent quickly, whether you’re learning Spanish, German, or any other language.

This Blinkist article is packed with expert strategies that make learning more effective and enjoyable. Give it a read and start speaking like a pro.

Beyond Apps: The Best Online Courses to Learn Spanish

While apps are a fantastic starting point, here are some additional resources for well-rounded Spanish learning:

If you’re struggling to decide between these online language courses, don’t worry—we’ve already done the work for you. Here, you can read our comparison articles about Babbel vs. Rosetta Stone and Udemy vs. Coursera

We’ve analyzed their teaching methods, pricing, and offered expert recommendations to help you choose the best fit for your learning style!

And now, from bustling Barcelona’s streets to your living room couch, this list of the best apps to learn Spanish will give your language skills a boost. They seamlessly blend interactive lessons, practical conversation practice, and cultural insights, making learning Spanish effective and engaging. But the adventure doesn’t end there, amigos!

Did you know that Blinkist offers a wide selection of top titles and book summaries in Spanish? For advanced Spanish speakers, we recommend exploring our list of the best books in Spanish. 

We feature over one hundred titles, with new additions continuously. Discover some of our top picks in our article “The Best Spanish Literature Books”.

And with our generous 7-day free trial, you’ll get access to a world of more than 7,000 fiction and non-fiction books, making your Spanish journey definitely more exciting.

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So, amigos, this concludes your ultimate guide to the best apps to learn Spanish with top resources, entertaining apps, and bonus tips! Remember, the key to language mastery lies in finding an approach that resonates with YOU and keeps the journey fun.

¡Buena suerte en tu viaje por el aprendizaje del español! 

(Good luck on your Spanish learning journey!)

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