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Blinkist’s Top 10 Animal Books That Teach Us About Life

Join our literary safari with Blinkist's best animal books. Learn more about the valuable lessons animals can teach us about life, resilience, and empathy. Let’s see the world through a wilder lens!
by Chris Allmer | Feb 5 2024

Imagine a pack of wolves moving through a frosty forest. Each wolf plays a specific role, their coordinated efforts a perfect example of teamwork and leadership.

It’s almost like they’re teaching us a lesson without saying a word. In the world of animal books on Blinkist, animals become more than just creatures; they turn into metaphors, teaching us valuable life lessons through their actions and behaviors:

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And these animal-themed books go beyond just fascinating wildlife tales. They weave stories and facts about animals into lessons about life, leadership, teamwork, and resilience.

It’s not just about how wolves hunt or birds migrate, but what these actions can teach us about our own lives.

But you might wonder, how can you dive into these deep lessons without spending hours reading? That’s the beauty of Blinkist. It brings you the essence of these insightful animal metaphors in quick, engaging 15-minute summaries.

Whether you’re curious about the strategic prowess of a lion or the social intelligence of dolphins, Blinkist makes it easy to absorb these lessons in a matter of minutes.

The Top 10 Animal Books

Welcome to a world where animals are more than just creatures in the wild; they are storytellers, teachers, and symbols of various aspects of life. Let’s start with a loud “roar”:

1. Waking the Tiger

Waking the Tiger explores how understanding the behavior of animals, especially their response to threats, can offer insights into human trauma. For example, animals like tigers physically “shake off” their fear after a threat has passed, a mechanism that can inspire methods for humans to deal with traumatic experiences.

2. Fox

The fox, often seen as cunning and elusive, holds a special place in our imagination. In Fox, you’ll dive into the world of this fascinating animal. This animal book explores how different cultures view the fox and the origins of phrases like “as sly as a fox”. It’s filled with stories and myths, perfect for anyone interested in folklore, animal behavior, or simply looking for a different perspective on one of nature’s most intriguing creatures.

3. Lesser Beasts

Pigs are often underestimated, but Lesser Beasts gives these intelligent animals the spotlight they deserve. This read at Blinkist takes you on a journey through the history of pigs and their relationship with humans. It’s filled with surprising facts – for instance, did you know pigs are among the smartest domesticated animals? This book is ideal for anyone curious about the history of domestication, food culture, or just wanting to know more about these fascinating animals.

4. The Inner Life of Animals

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of your pet or the birds outside your window? The Inner Life of Animals brings you closer to understanding the emotions and intelligence of the animal world. This book about animals is filled with heartwarming stories and scientific insights, like how deer show empathy and crows remember human faces

It’s a must-read for pet owners, wildlife enthusiasts, or anyone interested in the emotional lives of animals. Follow up with this read in our Blinkist Magazine about the Lonesome George the tortoise, Nigel the lovelorn gannet, or Thomas the blind bisexual goose … 

5. Alex & Me

Alex & Me is the remarkable story of a parrot named Alex and the scientist who worked with him, Dr. Irene Pepperberg. This book breaks down the extraordinary learning capabilities of Alex, who could understand concepts like “bigger”, “smaller”, “same”, and “different”. It’s a touching and educational read that challenges our understanding of animal intelligence, perfect for those interested in cognitive science or anyone who’s ever been amazed by the abilities of birds.

6. The Elephant in the Brain

The Elephant in the Brain takes a step back from the animal world to focus on humans. It explores the hidden motives in our everyday actions, similar to how animals have underlying reasons for their behaviors. For example, just like how a peacock displays its feathers to attract a mate, humans also have subconscious actions driven by social and survival instincts. This read is perfect for anyone interested in psychology, social behavior, or understanding the deeper reasons behind why we do what we do.

7. The Mosquito

Mosquitoes are often just thought of as annoying insects, but The Mosquito reveals their significant impact on human history. Did you know that mosquitoes have influenced the outcomes of wars and the spread of empires due to the diseases they carry? This book at Blinkist is a fascinating read for history enthusiasts or anyone curious about how a tiny insect can have such a massive impact on the world.

8. Honeybee Democracy

Discover the astonishing democratic process of honeybees in Honeybee Democracy. When it’s time to find a new home, bees hold a “debate” through dance to decide the best location. This book sheds light on the intricate decision-making process of bees, offering insights into collective intelligence and democratic decision-making. It’s an enlightening read for anyone interested in politics, social structures, or the surprising sophistication of insect societies.

9. The Book of Eels

The Book of Eels takes you on a mysterious journey into the life of one of the most enigmatic creatures on Earth – the eel. Despite centuries of study, the breeding habits of eels remain largely a mystery. This animal book is a blend of personal memoir and exploration into the world of eels, making it an engaging read for those who love nature mysteries, zoology, or stories about the persistence of human curiosity.

10. A Sky Full of Birds

Ever looked up at the sky and marveled at birds in flight? A Sky Full of Birds is a journey through Britain’s skies, revealing the secrets behind the flight patterns of birds like starlings.

Did you know starlings form huge groups called murmurations, creating stunning aerial displays? This book isn’t just for bird lovers; it’s for anyone who appreciates nature’s wonders and the subtle lessons we can learn from these feathered creatures about unity and coordination.

From the collaborative wonders of bee societies to the enigmatic journeys of eels, each book is packed with insights that shed light on both the natural world and our human experiences. 

But why stop there? We’ve got an entire library waiting for you with 42 animal books, each unveiling unique lessons from every corner of the animal world.

Dogs teaching loyalty, codfish revealing the secrets of survival – the learning never ends. Explore them all now with our special offer: click here for a 7-day free trial with Blinkist and start your journey of discovery today.

The Best 44 Animal Books

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