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Your Essential Guide to Reading the ACOTAR Books in Order

Join us for an invigorating tour of the ACOTAR books in order. Discover Sarah J. Maas' universe as we break down each of her spellbinding books.
by Chris Allmer | Mar 29 2024
Unlock Sarah J. Maas' ACOTAR books in Order

Immerse yourself in an enchanting saga that skillfully blends fantasy, adventure, and romance for young adults: the A Court of Thorns and Roses series, which fans sum up nicely with the acronym ACOTAR. These beautifully woven stories have captivated millions of readers worldwide and continue to create ripples in the world of literature.

With her extraordinary world-building and compelling characters, author Sarah J. Maas firmly establishes her place as a remarkable voice in contemporary fantasy. Her stories masterfully capture the readers’ imagination, raining them with plots that they can both enjoy and invest emotionally.

Who is Sarah J. Maas

Sarah J. Maas is a renowned name in young adult and fantasy literature. She started writing at 16 with her debut novel ‘Throne of Glass,’ an original take on the Cinderella story, but with a twist. This novel, full of suspense and unexpected turns, earned a spot on ‘The New York Times’ best-seller list.

She later won fans over with ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses,’ a creative retelling of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ published in 2015. This series’ popularity led to an exciting spin-off series featuring beloved characters.

Maas then broadened her horizons with her first adult fantasy series, ‘Crescent City,’ which even bagged the ‘Best Fantasy’ award in the 2022 Goodreads Choice Awards.

She also had been working on a television adaptation of ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ with Hulu, but unfortunately that was later discontinued. There’s no doubt, Maas is a versatile author, always keeping us excited for her next big project.

Why Should You Read the ACOTAR Books in Order?

When it comes to getting into the “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series, it’s all about going in order. Think of it like watching a TV series from the pilot episode onwards. Each book builds on the last, so you really want to start from the beginning to get the full story. 

That way, you’re not missing out on any character development, like how Feyre evolves from a hunter struggling to survive to a powerful figure navigating complex politics. Plus, there are these interesting hints and hidden stories along the way that you’ll only catch if you’re reading in sequence.

For instance, in the second book, “A Court of Mist and Fury,” there’s subtle foreshadowing about the tragic events that unfold later in the series. So, to avoid any spoilers and really enjoy the series, starting from book one is the way to go.

Explore the magical universe of the ACOTAR books in order:

“A Court of Thorns and Rose”

  • Meet Feyre, a fierce huntress catapulted into the dangerous realms of the faeries after she unknowingly kills one. As she navigates the strange and dangerous world, she unearths secrets about her captor, Tamlin, changing her life forever.

A Court of Mist and Fury” 

  • Buckle up for the emotional ride that’s book two. Picking up after the tumult of the first book, we see Feyre grappling with guilt and shock. She finds herself in the Night Court, encountering new allies, daunting threats, and transformative personal realizations.

A Court of Wings and Ruin” 

  • This third book is a heady mix of exhilarating battles and powerful alliances, and the narrative intensifies incredibly in this one. Feyre, now the High Lady of the Night Court with Rhys, faces enormous challenges. To protect all she holds dear, Feyre must risk everything, confront her past, and decide what kind of future she wants.

A Court of Frost and Starlight” 

  • Catch a breather with this novel. This gentle interlude among the escalating tension, highlights cherished moments as Feyre and her friends rebuild their world following destructive warfare.

A Court of Silver Flames” 

  • The fifth book, narrated mainly by Feyre’s sister, Nesta, rewards readers with a fresh perspective. This novel explores Nesta’s journey of self-acceptance and redemption, expanding the emotional landscape of the ACOTAR universe.

But there will be more! We’re thrilled to share some exciting news for all ACOTAR series enthusiasts. During a recent interview, Sarah J. Maas announced she is drafting the sixth chapter of ACOTAR.

While not much has been disclosed about this upcoming novel, the anticipation is palpable. She hasn’t disclosed any specifics about the novel’s content, its completion timeline, or the character perspective that will be at the forefront.

However, she delightfully shared that she’s thoroughly enjoying the process of crafting this new chapter in the ACOTAR universe.

Stay tuned as we await to discover what magical journeys and exciting adventures await us in this much-awaited addition!

In the meantime, the sixth book is released; if you are seeking more stories of a similar nature, we invite you to explore a list of books like ACOTAR. There, you’ll find a carefully crafted list featuring more books to immerse you in a world of fantasy and adventure that you are sure you are going to love. 


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