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87.5% of Blinkist users say Blinkist helped them change their lives

Blinkist users are learning how to make meaningful changes to their lives. Find out how this innovative knowledge app can empower you and change your life.
by Rob Gillham | Feb 9 2022

Imagine exploring the universe on your morning commute or learning the secrets of the world’s most successful people before a job interview. All of this is possible with Blinkist, the app that gathers the key insights from nonfiction bestsellers into 15-minute explainers.

“As a productivity coach and one of the life long learners, I can’t tell you how happy I was to find Blinkist. If you enjoy nonfiction reading and are short on time, Blinkist will be your new favorite App.”
– Karen Trepte, Huffington Post.

Over 21 million Blinkist users are getting the ideas they need to make real changes to their lives. In fact, when Blinkist asked 5,000 of its users in the US if they make changes to their lives based on the ideas they learn from Blinkist, 87.5% said yes.

“This is the first app review I’ve ever written, which I was compelled to do because this app is amazing and life-changing. If you don’t have time to read as much as you’d like, this is an awesome way to learn, transform, and grow through key point summarizations. I highly recommend Blinkist. It’s changed my life in one day’s time.”
— 5-star review.

So, why should you join millions of people and learn life-changing ideas with Blinkist? Keep reading and let’s find out.

Life-Changing Insights

Each Blinkist explainer pack is filled with actionable advice that can be used to make real changes to your daily life.

The advice from an explainer pack like The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod could transform your morning routine. For instance, Elrod encourages us to follow his 5-step wake-up strategy to maximize our wake up routine.

The 5-steps are:

  1. Set Your Intentions Before Bed. Create genuine excitement for the next morning every night before bed.
  2. Move Your Alarm Clock Across The Room. This forces you to get out of bed and engage your body in movement. Motion creates energy, so when you get up and out of bed, it naturally helps you wake up.
  3. Brush Your Teeth. Go directly to the bathroom sink to brush your teeth and splash some warm (or cold) water on your face.
  4. Drink a Full Glass of Water. Hydrate yourself first thing every morning. Fill a glass of water the night before, so it’s already there for you in the morning.
  5. Get Dressed or Jump In the Shower. Either get dressed in your exercise clothes, so you’re ready to leave your bedroom and immediately engage in your Miracle Morning, or jump in the shower.

By following the life-changing tips from a Blinkist explainer pack, you could transform your daily routine in just 15 minutes or less.

A Book Explained In 15 Minutes

According to USA Today, 51% of Americans don’t pick up books because they just don’t have enough time to read.

This lack of time is why you can enjoy a Blinkist explainer in as little as 15 minutes. That means you can rekindle your habit in just a few minutes per day whenever you can squeeze them in. In fact, data shows that most Blinkist users learn from 3 books a day.

What’s more, the app simplifies big ideas and makes them easy to understand, so the content is straightforward and enjoyable.

Learning On The Go

When was the last time you learned something new while waiting for the bus, brushing your teeth, or wandering the aisles of a grocery store? It may seem like these moments aren’t compatible with learning, but with Blinkist, you can listen to every explainer pack while on the go.

Blinkist’s audio doesn’t only cover explainers from nonfiction books, now you can also explore Shortcasts! Shortcasts are condensed versions of podcast episodes that have been crafted around their key ideas. There’s a selection of Shortcasts to enjoy from creators such as Malcolm Gladwell, Dr. Laurie Santos, Natalie Lue, Dr. Rupy Aujla, and Omar Zenhom, with many more Shortcasts on the horizon.

One of the World’s Best Apps

Global institutions and technology giants have recognized Blinkist as an app that’s changing lives. For instance, according to the United Nations, the innovations that Blinkist uses to help us learn are so ground-breaking that the international body gave the app a World Summit Award in 2017 for its contributions to Learning and Education.

“With Blinkist, you can boost your knowledge and gain new perspectives so that you can be a better professional, a better partner, or a better you.”
— United Nations, World Summit Award

The 17 million users who have joined the Blinkist revolution are also praising the app. Blinkist currently has an impressive 90K five-star ratings from users across iOS and Android—in fact, nearly 75% of all user ratings for Blinkist were five stars.

A Huge Library of Content

The Blinkist library boasts over 4,500 of the most popular nonfiction titles from 27 categories for you to learn from. By using Blinkist for 15 minutes each day, you could become knowledgeable in the core principles of Greek philosophy by the end of this month, by next month, you could get a deeper understanding of world history, and by the end of the year, you could impress your friends with how much you know about astrophysics.

“I love that I can get the key learnings from 10+ books a week and immediately implement them in my own life. Blinkist has also helped me filter the books I purchase – if I couldn’t get enough of the book-in-blink, I buy it. ”
– Hitha Palepu, entrepreneur and author.

Learn Life-Changing Advice Today

Whatever your goal, with thousands of titles — and more being added all the time — there’s no better time to join the Blinkist learning revolution. Change your life today with the knowledge from nonfiction books and download Blinkist.

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