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5 Creative Geniuses’ Quirky Daily Routines

How do creative geniuses become so great at innovation? Partly due to their daily routines; here are 5 of them!
by Tom Anderson | Jul 15 2016

Did you know that throughout his lifetime, Thomas Edison filed for well over 2,000 patents? An incredible number of inventions and innovations, and he didn’t just sit down at his desk and get on with it everyday. Not quite, anyway.In actuality, Edison relied on a few very odd routines to get his creative juices flowing. The so-thought inventor of the lightbulb wasn’t the only one who had odd habits to boost his creativity. If you look at some of the most creative geniuses throughout history, you’ll discover that many of them primed themselves for Eureka moments with very unusual routines. These are a few examples of the strangest.


Blinkist Eureka Infographic

When it comes to creativity even geniuses need a little outside help, be it from coffee beans or cows. To inspire your own routine, have a look at the blinks for Mason Currey’s Daily Rituals.

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