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5 Books From Tim Ferriss’s Reading List That Will Change Your Life

Tim Ferriss recommends these five books to all entrepreneurs. Here’s how to read them even with a busy schedule.
by Vanessa Gibbs | Aug 17 2021

Many thought leaders and people at the top of their field credit their success to reading—and Tim Ferriss is no different. The entrepreneur, investor and author of bestselling titles like The 4-Hour Work Week has gotten inspiration and knowledge from many nonfiction books. But there are five key titles that he recommends to anyone looking to get ahead. Don’t have time to read like Ferriss but want the same inspiration? That’s where the Blinkist app can help.

Blinkist gathers key insights from non-fiction books and shares them as 15-minute explainers. You can read or listen to these bite-sized takes on bestselling books. Plus, there are 4,500 titles to choose from across 27 categories including personal development, mindfulness and psychology.

Discover bestselling nonfiction titles on Blinkist

To help you decide which of these thousands of titles to jump into first, Blinkist shares book recommendations from the greats in a format called Collections. Alongside Tim Ferriss, the app has curated recommended titles from leading figures like Oprah Winfrey, Emma Watson and Elon Musk. Even Blinkist’s own CEO, Holger Seim, has shared the top titles he recommends.

“When we started in 2012, most apps were for social media or gaming. We wanted to do something different and build an app that would help change someone’s life with the power of reading. Now, with collections, we can give our users book recommendations from some of the world’s smartest and most well-read people”.
– Holger Seim, CEO of Blinkist.

With these reading lists, not only can you read what top experts are reading, but you can read them faster. Blinkist’s bite-sized explainers mean you can fit this reading into 15-minute pockets of time throughout the day.

Discover the top reads of Tim Ferriss

Here are the top five books Tim Ferriss recommends.

Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers’ book is all about how to figure out exactly what you want from your business, and then how you can get it. It’s a go-to read for aspiring entrepreneurs or those already working on their big ideas.

Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach

Discover the Buddhist philosophies of meditation and mindfulness in Tara Brach’s book Radical Acceptance. You’ll get practical tips and tricks for living a calmer, healthier and more peaceful life.

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams

Fan of the comic strip Dilbert? The cartoon’s writer and illustrator, Scott Adams, shares learnings from his life, including how to hack your energy levels and set better goals.

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

This title dives into singer Amanda Palmer’s own experience with learning how to ask for help when she needs it. Get insights on how to create a support system for yourself and how to help those around you, too.

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull with Amy Wallace

Those looking at becoming a better manager should pick up Creativity, Inc. Written by Ed Catmull, the co-founder of Pixar, the book shares advice on leadership, team building and how to foster creativity in the workplace.

Inspired to pick up these books but strapped for time? Here’s how you can get key insights from these titles in just 15 minutes.

A Book Explained in 15 Minutes

Blinkist’s founders knew all too well how much knowledge can be found in nonfiction books, but finding the time to read is never easy. They created Blinkist to help busy people get the most important messages of nonfiction books in easy-to-digest explainers.

The app shares only the most important insights from books like helpful hacks, practical advice and memorable anecdotes.

“Blinkist caters to readers with more curiosity than time.” – TechCrunch

Learning On the Go

Don’t have 15 minutes to sit and read? Not a problem, you can listen to any explainer on the Blinist app. The app’s award-winning audio content lets you learn while commuting, cooking or working out.

“Focus on being productive instead of being busy.”
– Tim Ferriss

If you’re a fan of listening, the app also has Shortcasts which share the key messages of leading podcasts in a fraction of the time it takes to listen to any episode in full.

Read or listen to key insights in just 15 minutes

Apple Thinks Blinkist is a Top App for Lifelong Learner

We think Blinkist is one of the best ways to access the knowledge in nonfiction books, but don’t just take our word for it.

Apple named Blinkist on the top 20 apps for lifelong learning and it’s been praised by everyone from The New York Times to Forbes, Techcrunch to The Guardian. The app has also won awards from the UN and Google, and it’s loved by 19 million users around the world.

“With Blinkist you can boost your knowledge and gain new perspectives so that you can be a better professional, a better partner, or a better you.”
– The United Nations

Thousands of Titles to Choose From

Beyond Tim Ferriss’ top picks, and not to mention his own books, the Blinkist app has more than 4,500 titles all waiting to be learned from. You can explore topics related to work—like entrepreneurship, productivity and management—or your personal life—like nutrition, relationships and personal finance. Plus, 70 new books are added each month.

Want to dive into Tim Ferriss’ recommended books or discover the reading lists of other top thinkers? Download Blinkist to get started.

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