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As technological innovations make knowledge increasingly accessible, fewer people need to opt for expensive MBAs to learn what they need to excel.
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Bill Gates just let Twitter in on his top pick for a graduation present: Steven Pinker’s 700-page masterpiece on the history of violence. Here, we cut through hundreds of pages to give you just what you need to know.
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There’s more to this world than meets the eye. Thanks to these insights, you can use the unseen to your advantage and realize your true potential.
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From improving thought patterns to better managing your money, these 3 tips from Tony Robbins’s top books are guaranteed to put you on the road to success.
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If you’re trying to upgrade your company from startup to success story, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer has a book recommendation that might be just what you need.
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Want to change the world? With these five books, you can follow in the footsteps of one of history’s most innovative businessmen.
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Looking for proven ways to take your life to the next level? Here’s some invaluable advice from 7 incredibly successful individuals.
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Doing your mind good, your body good, and doing social good, too. Learn why the Blinkist app is the UN’s top choice for best Learning & Education app this year.
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Learn all of the essential rules you need to know to run a business in less than a day with this invaluable secret treasured by CEOs and top execs.
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Become a smarter version of yourself today with this app! Tried and tested by top CEOs around the world, it'll help you get smarter in less than 15 minutes.