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In this episode of Simplify, Caitlin talks to The Second City executive Kelly Leonard about how improv-based skills can be applied to the business world.
Read the transcript of Caitlin’s interview with Second City executive Kelly Leonard on how to improve teamwork and creativity using improvisational comedy.
It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day! We spoke to Sam Conniff Allende, author of Be More Pirate about why that means more than shivering your timbers.
Read on for the ultimate tip to conquer your to-do list. (Oh, and, it rhymes.)
We might not live the plot of a thriller, but being aware of yourself and what and who is around you can provide a solid basis for story and character.
Learn how to achieve more in less time with these tips from the world's most popular productivity books.
Every piece of text is open to interpretation, none more so than email. Here’s why you should keep ‘em perky.
What does fly-fishing have to do with keeping you at peak creativity?
Last month, Therese embarked on a challenge to read 100 nonfiction titles with the Blinkist app. Here's how she did.
Diese App sieht man gerade überall: Blinkist bringt die Kernaussagen der besten Sachbücher auf den Punkt und erklärt sie in 15-minütigen Kurztexten.