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Take a deeper look into a work on humanity's impact on the world, which Stanford University considers a must-read for its incoming undergraduate class.
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Simplify’s Caitlin Schiller reflects on what she learned about life from interviewing some of the world’s most sought-after experts
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Are we truly supposed to spend our adult lives in monogamous relationships? Or is traditional marriage an outdated institution no longer fit for purpose?
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In the last episode of this season of Simplify, Caitlin talks to Jonah Berger about the invisible influences that shape our behavior.
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From the fate of mankind to making new friends to how to give fewer f*cks, here’s a closer look at this month’s most-wanted books.
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Confused by the recent election results in... well, everywhere? Here's a handy primer on 5 of the world's most interesting electoral systems.
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Blinkist user Marc Hauser dropped into the Blinkist offices and recommended his favorite book-in-blinks — Mini Habits. Here's why he loves it!
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In this episode of Simplify, Dan Savage talks to Caitlin about erotic autonomy, why porn could be good for your marriage, and how to sustain long-term love.
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In the first episode of Simplify, we talk to happiness expert Gretchen Rubin about how to apply the ancient idea of “know thyself” to your fast-paced 21st-century life.
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Tap into the modern American zeitgeist by catching up on this month's most-sold books in the United States.