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As the Bitcoin bubble threatens to pop, many people are worried. How do economic bubbles form in the first place? And do they always burst?
These must-hear moments from Simplify’s 2017 run will help you make great stuff, manage your time, and love yourself (and other people, too!).
Want to recap on the best bits from Simplify in 2017? We've just released a sampler episode with a few of our favorites. Here's the transcript.
The publisher can’t seem to print enough copies of Fire and Fury. But is mere curiosity the only explanation for the demand?
Researchers have discovered that good-looking people are more likely to list to the right politically. We have a little look at why this might be the case.
Facebook has invented a new unit of time, but what does this mean in practice, and what does it have to say about how we think about time generally?
While bitcoin is in the public eye, the technology powering it could outlive any cryptocurrency. But it has a lot to overcome before it becomes standard.
If the thought of continuing to improve in 2018 excites you, start the New Year off on the right foot by mulling over some of life’s larger questions.
Before embarking on those last-minute shopping expeditions, take a moment to think about what motivates people to shop and the tricks that make us buy more!
What happened at Blinkist this year? We take a visual look back at 2017.