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Think smarter
Read the transcript of Caitlin’s interview with cognitive psychologist, neuroscientist and music producer, Dr. Daniel Levitin.
Our culture has become enamored with the idea of the lone genius. The reality of successful creative endeavors is actually quite different.
In the wake of Cambridge Analytica, cries rang out to #deleteFacebook. Here are some less drastic steps to protect your data across a range of apps.
In the first episode of Season 3, Caitlin talks to Pulitzer-winning columnist and bestselling author, Charles Duhigg.
Read the transcript to the first episode of Season 3 of Simplify where Caitlin talks to Pulitzer winning productivity researcher, Charles Duhigg.
An incredible story about the downfall of a media giant and the limits of free speech.
While some may argue we’re living in a post-truth society, facts are still as important as they’ve ever been. Let’s check our sources!
When robots and artificial intelligence inevitably collide, will humanity stand a chance?
Hit podcast Simplify will be back with a whole new season of ear treats soon. Ready to make your life easier? Listen now to get a taste of what’s ahead.
When a scientist becomes a pop culture phenomenon, their discoveries become part of our social vocabulary. But do we really know what they mean?