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This is a free online publication from the creators of Blinkist. It explores perspectives and ideas from nonfiction titles to help you get book smart, stat.
Why is it so hard to become who we want to be? Why do we struggle to make big personal changes? We’ve got some questions that can help.
Throw out, fold, neatly put away. Organizational consultant Marie Kondo has a simple tidying technique that can “spark joy” and create a calm mindset.
The Icelandic tradition of Jólabókaflóð includes giving books as presents. For those looking to give themselves some new nuggets of knowledge in the coming year, we suggest this diverse selection of titles.
God rest ye merry gentlemen (and women) for tis the season of mulling wine, roasting chestnuts, jolly gluttony and err, fighting with your siblings. Here’s how to get through without too much strife.
Start the new year happier, stronger, and readier than ever to show up for the people who need you to be a hero—yourself included.
On the birthday of Melvil Dewey, inventor of the famous book cataloguing system, we express our appreciation for libraries.
Journalist and author Cathy Newman’s new book Bloody Brilliant Women uncovers the long-hidden brilliance of some of history’s most impressive women.
As Michelle Obama’s memoir smashes 2018 sales records, we look at the best biographies that have come out this year.
It was a bright, cold day in April and the clocks were striking thirteen…
Just can’t seem to hit the targets you set for yourself? This might be why.