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Sleep deprivation is a major cause of many modern health problems. But Arianna Huffington is on a mission to change all that: she’s calling for a sleep revolution.
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Is mindfulness the secret key to personal development? Find out this & more in the second installment of our 2-part podcast special.
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What do people talk about when they talk about mindfulness? Find out the answer to this question & more in the first installment of our 2-part podcast special.
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Mindfulness is extremely powerful. Instantly understand the benefits of slowing down and taking five throughout the day with this infographic.
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We talk with author Rachel Hills about sex, Disney movies and how to not let sex make you anxious — which, in her view, is a major societal problem.
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Entrepreneur Niklas Jansen has a surprising morning routine that helps him to be more mindful and more productive throughout the day. Check it out here.
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Happiness has powerful effects on our day-to-day lives. Happy people are more productive, more satisfied and they live longer.
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Start the new year happier, stronger, and readier than ever to show up for the people who need you to be a hero—yourself included.
Top 10 health and fittness books 2016
Whatever wellbeing, diet, or fitness goals you set yourself for 2017, these 10 reads—the most popular on Blinkist this year—are sure to help you realize them.
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We're all familiar with Nike's "Just Do It" battle cry but what does it mean? Where did it come from? Find the secret behind the "Just Do It" campaign.