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We just released our new content format: Shortcasts. But what exactly is a Shortcast and why should you start listening to them right now? Let’s find out.
Want to be one of the first to hear the future of audio? Just open the Blinkist app today to experience our latest innovative format.
Beth Kempton, author of ‘Wabi Sabi,’ shares how this Japanese worldview can help us manage any obstacle life has to throw at us.
So far, 2020 hasn’t exactly been a banner year but at least great nonfiction books just keep on coming. Here are a few of our favorites.
Ein paar Tage nichts essen – und schon ist der Körper verjüngt und entgiftet? Ganz so einfach ist es nicht, doch das Fasten kann tatsächlich positive Effekte haben. Wir stellen dir die wichtigsten Sachbücher zum Thema vor.
Develop deeper insight into your life and the world we inhabit by exploring key lessons from books by Malcolm Gladwell.
Blinkist’s 27 categories offer the insights from the best nonfiction books, and with these lists, you’ll find our favorite titles to suit your interests.
Though some may argue that audiobooks and podcasts—and audio Blinkist—are inferior to words on a page, science says otherwise.
Wie baust du dir erfolgreich ein berufliches Netzwerk auf? Was sind die erfolgreichsten Verhandlungstechniken? Und wie schaffst du es endlich, wichtige Dinge nicht mehr aufzuschieben? Das alles erfährst du, wenn du weiterliest.
Learn more about how outbreaks become pandemics and how to manage lockdown life from these books by some of the world's best nonfiction authors.