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Jared Diamond’s books often provide a broad overview of history and its trends. Here, we offer a look at the books of his in the Blinkist library.
Advances in genetic engineering have made it possible to transform humanity forever. Does that mean we should?
As the Bitcoin bubble threatens to pop, many people are worried. How do economic bubbles form in the first place? And do they always burst?
Daniel Pink just released a hotly anticipated book on timing. Let’s take a look at what it’s all about… and check out his other bestselling titles, too!
Had enough of hearts and flowers? Gift yourself a book on love, sex, and relationships this Valentine’s Day.
A new wave of data protection laws will go into effect in a few months from now. Find out what these new regulations will mean for your online privacy.
iPhones and Androids seem indispensable today, yet it’s unlikely we’ll be using smartphones in a decade. But what type of technology will replace them?
The makers of hit podcast, Simplify, reflect on what they’ve learned from a year of talking to some of the world’s best nonfiction authors.
These must-hear moments from Simplify’s 2017 run will help you make great stuff, manage your time, and love yourself (and other people, too!).
Want to recap on the best bits from Simplify in 2017? We've just released a sampler episode with a few of our favorites. Here's the transcript.