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You’re in luck! ...Or are you?

These (lucky) seven titles examine the role that chance plays in our lives – from landing that dream apartment or finding a spouse, to inventing the next big thing.
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Algorithms to Live By
Brian Christian & Tom Griffiths

Algorithms to Live By (2016) is a practical and useful guide that shows how algorithms have much more to do with day-to-day life than you might think. And not just that; they can also lead to a better life by helping you solve problems, make decisions and get more thing...

Finite and Infinite Games
James P. Carse

Finite and Infinite Games (1986) offers two contrasting viewpoints on how to live your life, whether you’re engaging in sexual relationships or warfare. Carse argues that any activity can be seen as either a finite or an infinite game, the former being end-oriented and ...

The Mathematics of Love
Hannah Fry

Love is full of patterns – from the number of sexual partners we have to the way we select potential mates from dating websites. In The Mathematics of Love (2015), Hannah Fry sheds some light on these patterns and teaches you how to calculate your chances of finding The...

Pagan Kennedy

Inventology (2016) shows us how the world’s brightest minds identify problems and come up with brilliant solutions. Find out how you need to think in order to discern future trends and create the next great invention!

Great by Choice
Jim Collins & Morten T. Hansen

The world is an uncertain place, constantly changing and often chaotic. While many companies are unable to survive in this chaos, some companies are not only able to survive in these shifting conditions but even thrive in them. Great by Choice analyses why these compani...

The Improbability Principle
David J. Hand

The Improbability Principle illuminates the scientific background of chance and probability. Ultimately it demonstrates that even those events which we would otherwise consider “miraculous” are actually to be expected, as long as we have the right info...

Fooled by Randomness
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Fooled by Randomness (2001) is a collection of essays on the impact of randomness on financial markets and life itself. Through a mixture of statistics, psychology and philosophical reflection, the author outlines how randomness dominates the world.

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