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The Zappos Library (20 books)
Selected inspirational and fascinating reads from the Zappos employee library
Curated by Blinkist
Top Picks by Jörg Rheinboldt (7 books)
Books recommended by Jörg Rheinboldt, German serial entrepreneur and former head of eBay Germany.
Curated by Jörg Rheinboldt
The Psychology of Happiness Explained in 8 Titles (8 books)
What is the secret to long-lasting happiness? These titles by happiness experts help you inject more joy into your life.
Curated by Blinkist
The Books Behind the Most Influential TED Talks (7 books)
What if a TED Talk lasted longer than just 10 minutes? These titles go deeper into the thinking of 7 great TED speakers.
Curated by Blinkist
The 10 Best Business Books You’ve Never Heard Of (10 books)
Whether you’re looking for your winning business plan or you're knee deep in executing that brilliant idea, get inspired by these little-known business gems.
Curated by Blinkist
The Young Tyrant's Reading List (6 books)
6 books every Strongman leader needs to whip up fear and build an empire
Curated by Blinkist
The Next Web Conference Reading List (17 books)
Blinkist is in Amsterdam for TNW Conf! Read up on the headlining authors
Curated by Blinkist
Thinking with Sam Harris (7 books)
The writer, philosopher, and scientist's picks on morality and influence
Curated by Sam Harris
Take Better Care of Your Body (7 books)
It’s the only one you’ve got, so treat it right! These titles on fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle will help.
Curated by Blinkist
Top 10 Books-in-Blinks of 2016 (10 books)
Here’s what the Blinkist community loved and read most this year
Curated by Blinkist
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