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Plans & Pricing FAQs
How does the trial work?
Start your 7-day free trial by signing up for a Blinkist yearly plan. You are under no obligation to stay for the whole year and will not be charged until the 7-day free trial is over—just subscribe, learn to your heart’s content, and cancel any time before your 7 free days have passed. Please note that you may only start a trial once. If you have previously purchased a Blinkist subscription, you will not be able to start a new trial.
When will I be charged?
If you purchase a yearly plan with a trial, you will be charged after the 7-day free trial is over. If you purchase a monthly plan, you’ll be charged immediately.
Do subscriptions auto-renew?
Your subscription will automatically renew on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on the plan you have chosen. If you cancel your plan, it will not renew at the end of your subscription cycle. It will end once the period you have paid for is over.
How can I cancel my trial or subscription?
You can cancel your trial or subscription in your account settings. If you cancel during the trial period you will not be charged.
Can I switch between a yearly and a monthly subscription?
It isn’t possible to switch between yearly and monthly plans, but you can subscribe to a different plan as soon as your current subscription is up.

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