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Superhuman Innovation by Chris Duffey
Superhuman Innovation
Chris Duffey
Clock 13-minute read
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism
Shoshana Zuboff
Clock 15-minute read
Your cell phone today has more computer power than all of NASA when it put two men on the moon in 1969.
The Future of the Mind
Michio Kaku
Human/Machine by Daniel Newman and Olivier Blanchard
Daniel Newman and Olivier...
Clock 15-minute read
Mindf*ck by Christopher Wylie
Christopher Wylie
Clock 18-minute read
Novacene by James Lovelock
James Lovelock
Clock 13-minute read
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The War on Normal People by Andrew Yang
The War on Normal People
Andrew Yang
Clock 15-minute read
To Be A Machine by Mark O’Connell
To Be A Machine
Mark O’Connell
Clock 13-minute read
New Dark Age by James Bridle
New Dark Age
James Bridle
Clock 16-minute read
Reinventing the Product by Eric Schaeffer and David Sovie
Reinventing the Product
Eric Schaeffer and David Sovie
Clock 12-minute read
How to Speak Machine by John Maeda
How to Speak Machine
John Maeda
Clock 13-minute read
Humanity Works by Alexandra Levit
Humanity Works
Alexandra Levit
Clock 16-minute read
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Where Will Man Take Us? by Atul Jalan
Where Will Man Take Us?
Atul Jalan
Clock 15-minute read
Reader 1.8k reads
Hacking Darwin by Jamie Metzl
Hacking Darwin
Jamie Metzl
Clock 16-minute read
Reader 3.8k reads
We Are the Nerds by Christine Lagorio-Chafkin
We Are the Nerds
Christine Lagorio-Chafkin
Clock 16-minute read
Reader 6.8k reads
Blockchain by Stephen P. Williams
Stephen P. Williams
Clock 12-minute read
Reader 31.7k reads
The Big Nine by Amy Webb
The Big Nine
Amy Webb
Clock 15-minute read
Reader 6.5k reads
Zucked by Roger McNamee
Roger McNamee
Clock 13-minute read
Reader 6.9k reads

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