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Never Lost Again by Bill Kilday
Never Lost Again
Bill Kilday
13-minute read
The Code by Margaret O'Mara
The Code
Margaret O'Mara
18-minute read
Your cell phone today has more computer power than all of NASA when it put two men on the moon in 1969.
The Future of the Mind
Michio Kaku
Leadership by Algorithm by David De Cremer
Leadership by Algorithm
David De Cremer
12-minute read
Deepfakes and the Infocalypse by Nina Schick
Deepfakes and the Infocalypse
Nina Schick
13-minute read
Deep Medicine by Eric Topol
Deep Medicine
Eric Topol
15-minute read
Just added
How Innovation Works by Matt Ridley
How Innovation Works
Matt Ridley
16-minute read
2030 by Mauro F. Guillén
Mauro F. Guillén
15-minute read
5.2k reads
Architects of Intelligence by Martin Ford
Architects of Intelligence
Martin Ford
15-minute read
18.3k reads
The Reality Game by Samuel Woolley
The Reality Game
Samuel Woolley
13-minute read
21.4k reads
Human Compatible by Stuart Russell
Human Compatible
Stuart Russell
12-minute read
4.8k reads
The Chemistry Book by Derek B Lowe
The Chemistry Book
Derek B Lowe
22-minute read
22.3k reads
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The Alchemy of Us by Ainissa Ramirez
The Alchemy of Us
Ainissa Ramirez
15-minute read
17.5k reads
The Human Edge by Greg Orme
The Human Edge
Greg Orme
15-minute read
7.2k reads
Future Shaper by Niamh O'Keeffe
Future Shaper
Niamh O'Keeffe
15-minute read
23.4k reads
The Future Home in the 5G Era by Jefferson Wang, George Nazi, Boris Maurer & Amol Phadke
The Future Home in the 5G Era
Jefferson Wang, George...
12-minute read
8.5k reads
Future Fit by Andrea Clarke
Future Fit
Andrea Clarke
15-minute read
26.8k reads
Superhuman Innovation by Chris Duffey
Superhuman Innovation
Chris Duffey
13-minute read
22.2k reads

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