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Science proves it: the best route to happiness is knowing thyself. These blinks help you tune in, get grounded, and be here, now.

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All Work No Play by Dale Sidebottom
All Work No Play
Dale Sidebottom
12-minute read
Sovereign Self by Acharya Shunya
Sovereign Self
Acharya Shunya
13-minute read
It's impossible to change the past or the present: you can only accept all that as it is.
Buddha’s Brain: Happiness, Love and Wisdom
Rick Hanson
The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter
The Comfort Crisis
Michael Easter
13-minute read
The Art of Stillness by Pico Iyer
The Art of Stillness
Pico Iyer
12-minute read
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The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson
The Almanack of Naval Ravikant
Eric Jorgenson
13-minute read
Soundtracks by Jon Acuff
Jon Acuff
12-minute read
Falling into Grace by Adyashanti
Falling into Grace
13-minute read
Journey of Awakening by Ram Dass
Journey of Awakening
Ram Dass
13-minute read
The Work-Life Balance Myth by David J. McNeff
The Work-Life Balance Myth
David J. McNeff
12-minute read
The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck
The Way of Integrity
Martha Beck
10-minute read
Featured audio blinks
The Art of Stopping Time by Pedram Shojai
The Art of Stopping Time
Pedram Shojai
16-minute read
The Quiet Mind by John E. Coleman
The Quiet Mind
John E. Coleman
16-minute read
Spirit Hacking by Shaman Durek
Spirit Hacking
Shaman Durek
13-minute read
The Buddha and the Badass by Vishen Lakhiani
The Buddha and the Badass
Vishen Lakhiani
16-minute read
Friday Forward by Robert Glazer
Friday Forward
Robert Glazer
15-minute read
Do Nothing by Celeste Headlee
Do Nothing
Celeste Headlee
13-minute read

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