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From getting started with Holacracy to managing change like a champ, learn how to wrangle the complex organization animal.

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Trending blinks
Safi Bahcall
How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries
Clock 15-minute read
Reader 2.8k reads
Patrick Lencioni
The Truth about Employee Engagement
A Fable about Addressing the Three Root Causes of Job Misery
Clock 13-minute read
Reader 23.9k reads
Build a culture that rewards people for getting problems into the open where they can be solved.
The Hard Thing About Hard Things
Ben Horowitz
Nicky Howe and Alicia Curtis
Difference Makers
A Leader’s Guide to Championing Diversity on Boards
Clock 10-minute read
Reader 19k reads
Jon Gordon
The Power of a Positive Team
Proven Principles and Practices that Make Great Teams Great
Clock 12-minute read
Reader 23.6k reads
Seth Godin
The Dip
A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick)
Clock 15-minute read
Reader 32.7k reads
Just added
Zachary Wong
The Eight Essential People Skills for Project Management
Solving the Most Common People Problems for Team Leaders
Clock 16-minute read
Reader 42.5k reads
Jeffrey Hayzlett with Jim Eber
The Hero Factor
How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures
Clock 12-minute read
Reader 28.2k reads
Richard Sheridan
Chief Joy Officer
How Great Leaders Elevate Human Energy and Eliminate Fear
Clock 13-minute read
Reader 31.1k reads
Paul Jarvis
Company of One
Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing for Business
Clock 18-minute read
Reader 32.2k reads
Samuel A. Culbert
Good People, Bad Managers
How Work Culture Corrupts Good Intentions
Clock 13-minute read
Reader 30.4k reads
Dan Schawbel
Back to Human
How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation
Clock 13-minute read
Reader 29.4k reads
Featured audio blinks
Ben Reiter
The New Way to Win it All
Clock 15-minute read
Reader 17.4k reads
Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh
The Lightning-Fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies
Clock 18-minute read
Reader 24.9k reads
Anthony Tjan
Good People
The Only Leadership Decision That Really Matters
Clock 15-minute read
Reader 31.5k reads
David Burkus
Friend of a Friend
Understanding the Hidden Networks That Can Transform Your Life and Your Career
Clock 15-minute read
Reader 37.6k reads
Shane Snow
Dream Teams
Working Together Without Falling Apart
Clock 15-minute read
Reader 33.8k reads
Glenn Elliott and Debra Corey
Build It
The Rebel Playbook for World-Class Employee Engagement
Clock 22-minute read
Reader 28.2k reads

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