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Happy Accidents by David Ahearn, Frank Ford, David Wilk
Happy Accidents
David Ahearn, Frank Ford,...
Clock 13-minute read
The Job-Ready Guide by Anastasia de Waal
The Job-Ready Guide
Anastasia de Waal
Clock 16-minute read
Grit is about sweat, not swagger. Character, not charisma.
Grit to Great
Linda Kaplan Thaler & Robin Koval
Business Chemistry by Kim Christfort and Suzanne Vickberg
Business Chemistry
Kim Christfort and Suzanne...
Clock 15-minute read
The Creative Thinking Handbook by Chris Griffiths & Melina Costi
The Creative Thinking Handbook
Chris Griffiths & Melina Costi
Clock 13-minute read
The Introvert’s Complete Career Guide by Jane Finkle
The Introvert’s Complete Career Guide
Jane Finkle
Clock 15-minute read
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Secrets of Power Negotiating  by Roger Dawson
Secrets of Power Negotiating
Roger Dawson
Clock 21-minute read
Smart Girls Screw Up Too by Bella Zanesco
Smart Girls Screw Up Too
Bella Zanesco
Clock 16-minute read
Rebel Ideas by Matthew Syed
Rebel Ideas
Matthew Syed
Clock 13-minute read
Brave by Margie Warrell
Margie Warrell
Clock 15-minute read
Managing Up by Mary Abbajay
Managing Up
Mary Abbajay
Clock 13-minute read
Elevate by Robert Glazer
Robert Glazer
Clock 10-minute read
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Catalyst by Chandramouli Venkatesan
Chandramouli Venkatesan
Clock 15-minute read
Reader 33.1k reads
WOLFPACK by Abby Wambach
Abby Wambach
Clock 13-minute read
Reader 17.2k reads
Power Relationships by Andrew Sobel and Jerold Panas
Power Relationships
Andrew Sobel and Jerold Panas
Clock 16-minute read
Reader 36.8k reads
The Millionaire Dropout by Vince Stanzione
The Millionaire Dropout
Vince Stanzione
Clock 16-minute read
Reader 26.8k reads
Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis
Girl, Stop Apologizing
Rachel Hollis
Clock 13-minute read
Reader 27.5k reads
Shoot for the Moon by Richard Wiseman
Shoot for the Moon
Richard Wiseman
Clock 15-minute read
Reader 28.7k reads

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