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Delve into the entire history of humankind: From the fall of the Ottoman Empire to the creation of the printing press to reports on Sierra Leone's civil war — we'll feed your hungry history brain.

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The Gates of Europe by Serhii Plokhy
The Gates of Europe
Serhii Plokhy
12-minute read
Free Speech by Jacob Mchangama
Free Speech
Jacob Mchangama
10-minute read
The age of the west is at a crossroads, if not at an end.
The Silk Roads
Peter Frankopan
Elizabeth the Queen by Sally Bedell Smith
Elizabeth the Queen
Sally Bedell Smith
10-minute read
The 1619 Project by Nikole Hannah-Jones
The 1619 Project
Nikole Hannah-Jones
10-minute read
Fifth Sun by Camilla Townsend
Fifth Sun
Camilla Townsend
9-minute read
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The Dawn of Everything by David Graeber & David Wengrow
The Dawn of Everything
David Graeber & David Wengrow
16-minute read
1491 by Charles C. Mann
Charles C. Mann
16-minute read
The Dying Citizen by Victor Davis Hanson
The Dying Citizen
Victor Davis Hanson
12-minute read
The Anglo-Saxons by Marc Morris
The Anglo-Saxons
Marc Morris
22-minute read
Bedtime Biography: Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford
Bedtime Biography: Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World
Jack Weatherford
9-minute read
Bedtime Biography: Stasiland by Anna Funder
Bedtime Biography: Stasiland
Anna Funder
10-minute read
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Lives of the Stoics by Ryan Holiday, Stephen Hansel
Lives of the Stoics
Ryan Holiday, Stephen Hansel
13-minute read
A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare by James Shapiro
A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare
James Shapiro
13-minute read
Clean by James Hamblin
James Hamblin
15-minute read
Nine Lives by William Dalrymple
Nine Lives
William Dalrymple
15-minute read
Myanmar's Enemy Within by Francis Wade
Myanmar's Enemy Within
Francis Wade
16-minute read
Caste by Isabel Wilkerson
Isabel Wilkerson
16-minute read

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