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Transform your people, teams, and organization with on demand access to innovative ideas and new perspectives

Used and loved by 1,500+ companies around the world

Give your people the freedom to learn and grow on their terms
Empower whole person development at every stage of the employee lifecycle with self-directed, audio-first content from thousands of books and podcasts on hundreds of topics.
Entrust your people
Personalized learning that works for you and your people
Map content to support your learning programs, plus let learners personalize their experience based on their interests.
Personalized learning
Build a culture of coaching
Make coaching accessible for everyone through cohort learning pathways — led by world-class coaches and powered by just-in-time microlearning.
Built a culture of learning
Launch, monitor, and scale your learning programs
Keep engagement high with user analytics, easy LMS integrations, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager to support you every step of the way.
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Blinkist by the numbers

93% of customers renew
year after year
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68% average adoption rate
after just 3 months
Blinkist Adoption Rate
67% of our content
is consumed outside of working hours
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23 million personal subscribers
across the globe
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400 thousand 5 star app reviews
across iOS and Android
Blinkist 5 Star Rating
10+ years of experience
in the microlearning industry
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How Your Organization Might Use Us
Develop leaders
Provide learning opportunities for your organization’s brightest with just-in-time content from the world’s best leaders, thinkers, and doers.
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Emotionally intelligent leader Blinkist Tim Cook Resilience
Upskilling & reskilling
Close the skills gap with 27 learning categories that help employees get better, everyday.
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Upskilling and reskilling
Communication Skills
Mindfullness & Happiness
Personal Development
Motivation & Inspiration
Career & Success
Management & Leadership
Technology & the Future
Biography & Memoir
Marketing & Sales
Money & Investments
Corporate Culture
Society & Culture
Nature & Environment
Social and collaborative learning
Accelerate learning and collaboration by sharing game-changing ideas with employees and teams.
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Collaborative learning
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Build a coaching culture
Use group-based learning paths to coach your teams on topics that are important for your company - our expert coaches will support you.
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Build a culture of coaching
Drive DE&I initiatives
Present multiple perspectives that feed neural pathways and get people receptive to new ways of thinking and working.
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Support mental health & wellbeing
From personal wellness to inspiring biographies, Blinkist curates a range of whole person development content.
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Blinkist Support mental health

What our customers say


After bringing on Blinkist, our employees' enthusiasm for learning has seen the biggest change. They appreciate the fact that we made it available to them and they're able to use it for their own growth and development.

LLoyd Wilky · Director, Joining Amazon Services

Lloyd Wilky

Director, Joining Amazon Services


Within the first three months of our partnership with Blinkist we had over 70% adoption rate and 96% of the content was consumed via audio.

Curtis Haddock · Co-Founder, Brix Reality

Curtis Haddock

Co-Founder Brix Reality


For as long as I've been in the L&D space, there has been a need to revolutionize workplace learning. Blinkist Coaching program is part of the answer to how we learn in the future.

Vilma Ala-Tuuhonen · Certified Digital Coach

Vilma Ala-Tuuhonen

Certified Digital Coach