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Twitter Is Not A Strategy
Tom Doctoroff
Twitter Is Not A Strategy by Tom Doctoroff

Twitter Is Not A Strategy cuts through the mess of hashtags and handles to get to the meat of effective marketing, outlining the core principles that make up the foundation of a successful company brand. Although social media is all the rage, this book shows that traditional marketing still matters, and that the secret to success is – as it always has been – having a good brand idea.

Who should read these blinks?
  • Anyone interested in how companies create and promote brands
  • Anyone who questions whether “traditional” advertising techniques still matter
  • Business owners or executives in charge of company marketing efforts
Who wrote the book?

Tom Doctoroff is the chief executive office of J. Walter Thompson in the Asia Pacific region. With over 20 years of marketing experience, Doctoroff has shaped some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Nestle and Microsoft.

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