Time Warped: Unlocking the Mysteries of Time Perception
Claudia Hammond
Time Warped: Unlocking the Mysteries of Time Perception by Claudia Hammond

Time Warped is about that enduring mystery: our perception of time. Using research from the fields of neuroscience, biology and psychology, Claudia Hammond investigates the many reasons why, on one day, time appears to pass rapidly, while on another, it seems to grind to a halt. In addition, Time Warped suggests ways in which we can control our individual experience of time.

Who should read these blinks?
  • Anyone who thinks they have no time
  • Anyone who feels that time moves more quickly nowadays
  • Anyone who can’t remember the year Michael Jackson or Princess Diana died
Who wrote the book?

Claudia Hammond is an author, lecturer and broadcaster for the BBC World Service and BBC Radio 4. She has won many awards for her work in representing science in the mainstream media. Hammond’s previous book was Emotional Rollercoaster: A Journey Through The Science Of Feelings, published in 2005.

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