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The Dragonfly Effect
Jennifer Aaker, Andy Smith with Carlye Adler
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The Dragonfly Effect by Jennifer Aaker, Andy Smith with Carlye Adler

The Dragonfly Effect explains how anyone can harness the power of social media to get people behind meaningful social change.

Who should read these blinks?
  • Anyone who works or wants to work with social media
  • Anyone who wants to change the world
  • Anyone who wants to make their voice heard
Who wrote the book?

Jennifer Aaker is a social psychologist and marketer who is currently a marketing professor at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Her work has been featured in several prominent magazines, including The Economist and The New York Times.

Andy Smith is a seasoned technology marketing executive, and Aaker’s husband.


Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith: The Dragonfly Effect copyright, John Wiley & Sons Inc. Used by permission of John Wiley & Sons Inc. and shall not be made available to any unauthorized third parties.

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